Hey curvy girls,

Since spring is underway, it’s time to breakout those floral dresses (no surprise here). You’ve seen celebrities from First Lady Michelle Obama to fellow curvy girl Jessica Simpson rocking their floral frocks. This spring season it seems that floral dresses are more colorful and even edgier then ever before. Just checkout Mrs. Obama in a beautiful blue floral empire waist dress and Jessica Simpson in a long one shoulder floral gown, two totally different looks. Long gone are the days of frumpy floral dresses that make you look like you could be on an episode of Golden Girls.

SC has the hookup for you on some of this seasons hottest floral dresses for curvy girls of all sizes.

Check it out


Hey curvy girls,

Fashion To Figure is coming to Brooklyn this weekend. The store will be located in the Kings Plaza Mall. I for one am super excited about this because I won’t have to pay for shipping anymore. The one in the Bronx is a little too far to get to being that no trains are near the location. It’s always great for curvy girls to have new stores to shop in, because, shopping online is truly a hassle, especially when shipping is an arm and a leg.

For those of you who don’t live in or near Brooklyn or the Bronx and have to order online, you can get 15% off your online purchase by using SC’s exclusive coupon code FTF15CURVE

You can check out their clothes at Fashion To Figure

Note-This information was found on Fashion To Figure’s Facebook page.


Picture taken from Stylelist

Hey curvy girls,
It looks like the curvy girl hater Karl Lagerfeld has jumped on the curvy acceptance bandwagon and decided to have super model Crystal Renn walk in the Chanel 2011 Resort Collection. Don’t believe me, well the proof is in the pictures. I heard the rumors, but, didn’t want to post about it until I saw pictures and look what Madison Plus (curvy girl blog) got their hands on.

Lately everyone has been noticing Crystal Renn’s slimmer figure. First on the cover of Glamour then on the Times London cover and again in the German magazine Tush. I am wondering if  the reasoning for her slimmer figure is to expand her modeling career beyond the plus size industry?

Who would’ve thought old Lagerfeld would breakdown and have a curvy girl walk in Chanel? It figures that they would put the curvy girl in the least appealing looks, but, Ms. Renn is working it.

I’ll keep you guys posted on more pics as they surface. Gotta love Madison Plus for staying on top of curvy girl news.


Hey curvy girls,
Yesterday, I spent my entire lunch break in H&M. Normally, I have to restrict myself from going into H&M because I always find something that I like. Due to the clothes being super affordable I start to grab up everything in site. Yes, I am the girl on the fitting room line with 20 pieces in my hand. Now that they’ve changed how many pieces you can bring into the fitting room before having to get back on line again, I have been able to slightly control myself. While perusing the racks and racks of floral dresses and oversized tops, I came across this black side laced belted shirt. As you all know, I love anything belted, which is what drew me to the top in the first place. I also adored the lace detailing on the side which gave the top more of a romantic look. I had to go down 2 sizes because the top offered plenty of room (love H&M for their forgiving cuts).

Whenever I purchase something new, I have to take it home and try it on with everything to see what I’m working with. I decided to wear the top with an animal print skirt I bought from Faith 21 online earlier this year. I had been looking for the perfect top to go with this skirt for awhile (I didn’t want to play it safe with a blazer) and I really liked how both pieces looked together. The top gives a romantic feel while the skirt gives off a sexy vibe.

Confidence Takeaway-Don’t be afraid of mini skirts even if you carry most of your weight in the lower half of your body (like me). Since the mini is showing of your legs and part of your thighs, then choose a shirt that covers up your top half in a feminine way. Let your legs be the life of the party this time around.

P.S. In case you were wondering (due to the background in the picture), no, I did not go to work like this. This is for after work.

What I’m Wearing
Top: H&M
Skirt: Faith 21
Necklace: Banana Republic
Earrings: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Bracelet: Stoop sale


Hey curvy girls,
I was over on Jezebel’s site looking for some good fashion news when I came across this little piece of information about Polish Elle’s June magazine spread featuring plus size models from sizes 12-16.Check out Jezebel for more on the story

I think this is one of the best plus size spreads I’ve seen as far as styling goes. These ladies look happy, trendy, and most importantly confident. The shoot looks like it was a ball of fun. Unlike other magazines who have embraced plus size women, this shoot has no nudity. I’m all for embracing my natural self, but, I’d rather embrace my curves in great clothes that showcase and flatter my figure. I love that the women are wearing fitted body conscious dresses that highlight their assets. This is the kind of spread that speaks to your wallet and makes you want to go out and grab up everything you see here.  Nice Job Polish Elle.

Take a look at the Polish Elle spread and let me hear your rants and raves. Are these ladies doing us plus size curvy girls justice?


Hey curvy girls,
Whenever I wear anything strapless people always ask me how did I get my triple D’s sometimes F’s into anything strapless? I am well aware it’s no picnic to go bra shopping, let alone strapless bra shopping when you have large breasts. The twisting, the turning, and the rolling, it’s all a pain in the butt especially when you have to keep pulling the damn bra up every five minutes. Fortunately,I have tried and tested so many strapless bras until I found the right one. Now, I have no problem wearing anything strapless.

This week I stopped by Macy’s to upgrade one of my old strapless bras and I came across this Lilyette strapless stay in place specialty bra for full figured women. Lilyette has always been a good friend to the plus size curvy girl so, I did not hesitate to try it on. The great thing about this bra and the most important (in my opinion) is how comfortable the bra was. I wore it for an entire day and I had no problems. It was soft and smooth and my boobs rested in the cups oh so perfectly. It felt like I didn’t have a bra on all day. There was no twisting and turning or spilling out. Everything stayed in its place. The band width was thick enough to cover up and support my back and eliminate my mild case of back fat.

Here are a few of my tips for finding the right strapless bra for those plus size curvy girls who have large breasts.

1) You must try, try, try. One bra does not fit all cup sizes. I recommend going to the store when they first open to give yourself time to search and try on and to enlist the help of sales people.

2) In my opinion the best strapless bras are the push up styles. Try on a few different brands to make sure that the  push up style isn’t too severe and your breast look like they are on your neck.

3) Go for a thick band. A thicker band provides back support as well as prevents the band from rolling down.

4) Practice jumping up and down in the bra to test if your breast will fall out (Got this tip from an old Cosby show episode).  If  the bra is too loose you might need a smaller band size. The bra should be slightly tight on the first row of hooks. As you continue to wear the bra, the band will loosen up and then you can graduate to the next row of hooks for tightness.

5) Try a seamless bra for a smoother look under your clothes.

These are my picks for some of the best strapless bras that go up to a size G

Le Mystere





Strapless Bra Options


Hey curvy girls,
Last night Queen Latifah and Toccara Jones was spotted at the premiere of Just Wright starring Queen Latifah and Common.  In my eyes the queen can do no wrong. She truly knows how to dress her body. I love the belted over sized shirt dress with those amazingly hot ankle boots. It makes Queen look young and stylish.

Also spotted, was a newly slimmer Toccara (ANTM fame) who looked great in a white spaghetti strap dress. I wished she would have added a statement necklace or earrings to jazz up the look. Nonetheless, she looks great.

Now, you guys vote on their looks. Are they Working It or is it Back To The Drawing Board?