Hey curvy girls,
Today I am adding a new post feature called “Best Stylish Curvy Celebrity of The Week.” This feature will showcase a weeks worth of outfits from some of our favorite curvy celebrities. At the end of the month you guys will vote who had the best curvy girl style for that month.

Since March is over, we decided to choose Serena Williams for having the best curvy girl style for the month of March. Serena has been showing her softer girlie side with a touch of edginess. What I love about Serena is her spirit. Other blogs talk about how manly and overly muscular she looks and everytime I see pictures of her, she just looks great. I know she deals with her own body issues (didn’t know that did you?) but she keeps it moving and her curves are always stylish.

BTW-I love her new doo, it’s sexy and chic. One of those hair styles that instantly upgrades anything you wear.
Check out some of her looks during the month of March.

Are you feeling Serena’s style?

Get Serena Williams Style

                 Lately we have been seeing a softer side of Serena Williams. She has been looking really good in lady like outfits that are flattering to a curvy woman’s body. In a recent interview the athletic bombshell revealed that she has insecurities about her body. She often feels like she is too muscular. I am wondering if this is the reason she has been choosing more dainty pieces for her athletic frame. Along with her new look Serena has a new hair do that includes bangs. The new do softens her face and highlights her pretty cheekbones. She looks much more relaxed.
If you want to get some of her looks check out some options below:

An A-line skirt is always a great choice for a larger bottom half. V-neck tops are also a great choice for ample or small breasts.
Top, skirt, and scarf, are from the Gap, Sizes 0-20, Shoes, Enzo Angiolini, Jewelry, Guess
Sharp ruffle sleeve dresses are a hot item this season mainly due to tthe Balmain craze. People always tell curvy girls to stay away from straight dresses or skirts, but, I have always disagreed because who wants a closet full of empire waist dresses. If you want to show off your curves opt for an hourglass shaped dress.
Dress, Dorothy Perkins sizes 2-20, Shoes, Nine West

Even Serena’s sporty look is still girly. A gray bomber jacket leggings with a sequin top is a great look for day or night.

Bomber Plus Size Fix, sizes 14-24, Leggings, Forever21, Sizes XS-XXL, Top,Ann Taylor Loft, sizes XS-XXL, Boots, Kamik Park @Zappos.
Do you like Serena’s new look?