Skinny Girl Fashion For Curvy Girls:Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is known for her chic bohemian style. In this ensemble she decides to change up her look by going with a gold sequin mini dress, black stockings, and round toe platforms for a cute glamourous look.

Curvy girls can achieve this look with a tunic and leggings. What’s great about the Michael Kors tunic is that it has slits on the side which offers a comfortable fit for curvy girls who carry their weight in the lower half of their body. Since the tunic is short, leggings would be an appropriate choice for coverage. Round toe platforms add a hint of sexiness to the look.
Crowd Pleaser: Tunic comes in Misses and Plus Sizes. Hooray!
Get Nicole’s style for your curves:

From top:

1. Gold Sequin Tunic, Michael Kors, sizes XS-XL & 1X-3X, $92.90

2. Black Leggings, Torrid, sizes 0-5, $20

3. Round Toe Platforms, Joan & David, $200


Spring will be approaching us soon and I can’t wait. As I searched the web, I couldn’t help but notice all the navy and gray pieces that were showing up as new arrivals on some of my favorite shopping sites. A classic color combination such as this can give your wardrobe a fresh look. To spice up your look, you can pair a navy colored top with gray leggings or throw a navy blazer over a gray dress. Don’t forget about accessories. A tall pair of gray boots in soft leather can create a standout look. For the evening you could throw on a pair of navy sequin heels and dance the night away.

Check out my picks (there is something for every size):

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