Hey curvy girls:

I signed up to be a guest blogger for the fabulous Boutique Larrieux’s blog. This month’s post is dedicated to shorts. I know so many curvy girls who are afraid to wear shorts and stick to capri’s or bermudas out of fear of showing their legs. The post offers you a few options besides bermudas to help you find the right pair of shorts for your curvy body.

My favorite pair this summer is culottes. I thought I would never hear that word again since the 90’s. I’m ordering a pair from Torrid.

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Hey curvy girls,
Either love them or hate them. Denim shorts are back this season and celebrities are getting in on the trend. Denim shorts are nothing new for summer, but, this season celebrities like Beyonce have been seen all over town rocking them dressed up and dressed down. Stylish Curves is here to show you how to rock this trend for your curvy frame.

While I am not a fan of everything Beyonce wears, I must say there are a few notes to take away from her denim shorts look. (You don’t have to go as short as Beyonce)

1) Pair your denim shorts with a blazer and sexy heels for a great evening look to hang out with the girls.

2) For those warm summer days, an oversized off the shoulder t-shirt is a great option for a more comfortable look. For a little flavor add a fedora to jazz up your look.

3) For accessories, try a pair of hoop earrings with the t-shirt or a multi layered necklace to rock with the blazer.

4) Worried about cellulite stopping you from trying out this trend? I know a few people who have tried Nivea’s cellulite cream and they say it works wonders for unsightly cellulite.

More Denim Short Options