Hey curvy girls,

If you haven’t heard by now French Elle features plus size model Tara Lynn on the cover of their April issue. I first heard the news reading one of my favorite blogs NY Mag’s The Cut. As soon as I saw the spread I immediately thought she looked beautiful and like the everyday curvy girl we see walking down the street. I was slighlty disappointed in the style choices because I thought they were a little bland and safe. A fashionable curvy girl is rarely safe in her wardrobe choices. We love pushing the skinny girl fashion envelope.
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It seemed as if the stylist lacked a bit of creativity. They could have chosen a few more accessories for the cover shot. For the actual spread, I wish they had chosen more colors, prints, and better shapes. I hate when they put plus size women in anything oversized like that trench coat that Tara is wearing. When I see that I think it gives a hidden message that if you are plus size you should only wear muted colors and simple shapes. The stylist should have taken notes from some of the poplular fatshion blogs to ee what curvy girls really wear. However, I did like that they put her in a bathing suit and a few fitted pieces.

What are your thoughts about Tara Lynn on the cover of French Elle?


Yesterday I was checking my email and I came across a silk zebra print dress by plus size designer Monif C. I consider Monif a luxury designer because most of her dresses are fairly mid to high price. I have never bought a Monif C. dress but, I hear her clothes are of quality and great style. What struck a cord in me about the silk zebra print dress was the fact that it was about $500. I thought to myself, wow, that’s kind of pricey for plus size clothing.

As women in general we fluctuate in weight, but, as plus size women, many of us are trying to trim down for health or personal reasons. So, spending $500 on an article of clothing would seem like a waste of money, right? Or, does it not matter because you want luxury items just the same as non-plus size women?

Today I pose this question:
As a plus size woman would you buy or have you bought an article of clothing for $500 or more, and why?

I would love to hear your thoughts.


Celebrities at Saturday’s SAG awards did not disappoint. Dresses were chic, sexy, and elegant. Below are some of my favorite curvy celebrity dresses.

Glee star Amber Riley hit all the right notes in this champagne colored fitted knee length dress. The ruching flattens her stomach and the color compliments her complexion. I am also loving the shoes. She gets an A+ for this one.
Clean House host Niecey Nash looked poised and elegant in a black and white beaded waist floor length gown. The show stopper is the oversized green jeweled necklace. I kind of which she would have done more with the hair and makeup.

The nights winner Mo’Nique looked chic in a jewel encrusted sleeve v-neck gown. The light pink dress complimented her skin tone. Being that the dress was simple, I think she could have pinned her hair up, spiced up the make up and wore a little more jewelry to really standout.
Breakout newcomer Gabourey Sidibe looked cute in a blue ruched floor length gown. I love the color, but, I thought the design of the dress was a little plain. Hopefully for the Oscars she breaks away from the long Elvira-esque gowns and go for something a little more youthful.