Hey curvy girls:
Have you ever found yourself saying this, “That won’t look right on me.” At one time or another we have all been discouraged to participate in fashion trends due to the model in the ad. She is slim and the article of clothing just drapes her body like she was a tall hanger. You think to yourself, oh, I can’t wear that. My hips are too big, my butt is too big, or, you say, that’s for skinny people. I have been an offender of using these lines when shopping, but, I always stop myself and say, just try it on, you never know. Forget the tall blonde hanger in the ad.
Last week Loft unveiled advertisement for their new silk cargos (tall blonde hanger included) and Facebook fans wrote in asking the retailer to show pictures of real bodies rocking the silk cargos. Loft accepted the challenge and emerged victoriously with photos of their employees, sizes 2-12 wearing the slim looking silk cargos according to their personal styles and fans loved it. This goes to show that women want to see more ads with bodies that they can relate to.
This spring/summer season, the hottest pants to wear are cropped cargos, pleated harem pants, and slouchy jogging pants. Below are a few of these trendy pants that I think every curvy girl should try and not dismiss. 
Not sure how to style these quirky looks? A blazer and gladiator sandals will give these pants a polished look.


Hey curvy girls,
It’s been a long and exhausting week. However, I am so excited about next week because it will be Stylish Curve’s 1 year anniversary. I have so many ideas for this blog which I will sahare with you all at a later date.  For those of you who are still sketchy about Loft (formerly known as Ann Taylor Loft) I just wanted to share this dress I bought from their 40% off sale about a week ago. What drew me to the dress was the draping and the design at the top of the dress, plus, it had pockets (which I love). Yes, it may be a little simple for those of you who like more edgier looks, but, it was something about it that I just thought was so cute and casual. When I put it on, the jersey material was so soft and comfy. It felt more like lounge wear. I will say that I need to take the top part in because it is a little too big. I had to keep pulling it up. My bottom half is the largest part on me so, I try to fit that first and tailor the rest (future post on tailoring). Other than that it was perfect.

Last year, I bought this little bomber jacket from Loft and I thought it would be a nice youthful touch to the dress. To make the look more interesting, I added a pair of leopard print Michael Kors (2nd fave designer) pumps that I scored on Ebay for $30 and only worn once (so they say). I promise to put the necklace to rest and shop for other necklaces (this Logo necklace has saved me so much money) to add to my jewelry wardrobe. Now, I have an addiction to this Loft cuff bracelet. You will see this again.
Oh, and Loft is offering 40% off sale items in store and online as of today. In case you like the dress too they still have it and they have other colors.

Please note: The Loft dress and jacket were all purchased with my hard earned money. However, Loft did gift to me the cuff bracelet. I am a true fan of Loft and do not receive anything for promoting them on this blog.


Hey curvy girls,
After coming back home from the Lane Bryant conference I was so tired. I was not ready for work the next day. Normally I dress professionally chic for the office, but, I just couldn’t bring myself to get all dolled up. Whenever I get that way, I reach for a pair of jeans a cool top, tons of accessories (my favorite) and some bright heels. So I did casual Friday on Monday (my boss was cool about it). I also had the chance to wear my new slim fit pants and gold cuff gifted to me from Loft (formerly Ann Taylor Loft). They are so soft and comfortable. The only thing I did not like was that they came below my waist and I normally wear my pants at the waist to hold in my baby hero (my stomach).

I bought this cardigan last year (you might remember it here) I love it because of the side pockets and that it doesn’t have any buttons, so, I can leave it open or wrap a belt around it. You all know that I love mixing colors, so, I especially like how the dark blue looked against all the bright colors in the top. In this outfit I was able to get through the day comfortably and I even felt a little cute in it. Like I said, I was just chilling.

SC is giving away a free pair of these jeans. Stay tuned for contest info this week.

Cardigan, cuff, jeans, and floral top: Loft, Belt & shoes:RedressNYC, Necklace:Logo by Lori Goldstein Sunglasses:Banana Republic