For so long plus size women have had to succumb to unflattering ill-fitted prom looking dresses when it came to evening wear. Over the years the evening wear selection for plus evolved to much more modern and stylish pieces. However, no one has tickled my fancy for evening wear like Tadashi Shoji. His curve hugging dresses for plus size women have been unmatched. Tadashi Shoji’s name is on the lips of some of the most well known curvy and non curvy celebrities in the world. The Japanese born designer has also become the go to designer for plus size celebrities like Oprah, Mo’Nique, Amber Riley, Jill Scott, and Queen Latifah. So, just what is it about Tadashi’s designs that flatters a curvy girls figure? “Proper fit is critical, and draping is really my forte,” the designer tells a reporter for Pasadena Weekly. Indeed! You can see the intricate detailing in everyone of his pieces.
Tadashi is one of very few designers who carved out a  lucrative niche market for himself by doing evening wear as well as catering to plus sizes. His pieces go up to a size 24. Most women’s wear designers turn their skinny little noses up at the thought of designing for plus, yet, a 60 year old Japenese man jumped at the opportunity and is sitting on millions because of it. According to published reports in 2009 his annual revenue was at 60 million. One of the main reasons that celebrities love Tadashi’s designs is because of his figure flattery. His designs either drape or outline the frame of a woman’s body. Shoji is not afraid to play with fabrics or texture which can be seen in this seasons draped sequin dress as well as an ombre shutter pleat dress.

The full on sexiness of Tadashi’s designs can bring out the highest of confidence in any woman. He believes that a woman should always be comfortable in what she’s wearing. In a 2009 Pasadena Weekly article, he says, “A woman’s biggest mistake is buying a smaller size because she thinks it will make her look smaller. Not so. It will only emphasize every figure flaw. When I spot a woman at a party and she is wearing one of my dresses and it looks good on her, I always introduce myself and compliment her. If the dress is too tight, I look the other way.”
You just have to love a designer who wants to make women of all ages and sizes look their best. It’s because of his attention to detail and eye for symmetry that his brand has created a loyal following from curvy celebrities. Other designers should whip out their pads and pens to take notes from this amazingly talented designer who has a knack for creating fabulous luxurious clothes for women of ALL SIZES. 
So, I must ask these 2 questions? How can Tadashi Shoji get fit and style right for the plus size woman, but, other straight size designers can’t? Second, with the success of his plus size line why aren’t other straight size designers following in his footsteps?
The Tadashi Shoji collection runs anywhere from $300-$500 and The Tadashi Shoji Signatre collection runs from $500-$1,000.

You can checkout his Fall 2010 collection HERE