Hey curvy girls all over the world,

I was afforded the opportunity to meet with designer Sherita Jennings of Viscera NY. Viscera is a luxury clothing line dedicated to curvy women of all sizes.

Whenever I meet a designer I’m always worried about them coming off a little bourgeoisie. This was not the case with Sherita. After introducing myself to her we began talking about how she got started, where she’s from, and of course her thoughts on plus size fashion.

Sherita comes from a family of curvy women. The South Carolina designer has been in NYC for about three years and her line has been up and running for two. Sherita’s customer is the curvy girl who wants to standout and show off their curves. Her Fall collection had hints of the 60’s and 70’s. It consisted of Supreme worthy sequin dresses and Pam Grier approved jumpsuits, with a jazzy vibe of the glamorous 20’s.

What intrigues me about this line is not just the luxurious fabrics or impeccable attention to detail, it is the passion that the designer has for making luxury clothes for curvy women of all sizes. I guess that’s why she named it Viscera which comes from the word Visceral and means gut, soul. Sherita feels that plus size fashion is too buttoned up and stuffy. She likes when curves are embraced and shown off. Her designs exemplifies that and it’s done so elegantly.

Currently her pieces go up to a size 16, however, she also does customized fittings. So, if you are above a size 16 you can get you a customized piece from the designer just like the celebs do.

For more information on Viscera NY checkout their website at Viscera NY

The green jumpsuit we were talking about on the video can be found in the new September issue of Plus Model Magazine.  (See below)

Checkout more of the Viscera NY Collection: