Recently I stopped by the Forever21 store in Times Square on a late night just to checkout what they had. The last time I went I was disappointed because I couldn’t find anything. I always feel like those spur of the moment shopping trips spawn the best pieces. Which was the case with this skirt. I was immediately attracted to the colors in this skirt and when I saw it had that color block effect, I was sold. The skirt is very clingy so I had to wear control top stockings so my cellulite wouldn’t show. I liked how bold the black and blue looked together, so, I wanted to continue with the black by wearing my fave pleather waterfall jacket and a black sheer top that I got from Torrid last year. This look infused a cool and sexy feeling within me.
What I’m wearing
Skirt-Faith21 Plus
Sheer top-Torrid
Shoes-Vince Camuto
Necklace-Loft (gifted)



Hey curvy girls all over the world,
I have always been a firm believer that you can find stylish clothes on a budget. With major chain brands like Target and Kohl’s becoming the go to stores for luxury designers to present their more affordable bridge lines, a girl could easily find a great outfit for under $100.

Now when I think of budget friendly stores to find stylish clothes I never really think of Walmart. It actually wasn’t until I went to the Just My Size symposium that I even considered buying clothes at Walmart. I know people have been giving pretty good reviews on a few lines from Walmart like Norma Kamali and Miss Tina, but, I still never considered it. I received a gift card to Walmart for attending the JMS fashion show and I thought what better than clothes to use the gift card on. I cruised the website and checked out Miss Tina’s line and Norma Kamali’s line and I found some really cute pieces at very low prices.

I’m no stranger to buying clothes for less than $20, but, when I do, I’m always skeptical of the quality (I don’t expect much). Which is why I was skeptical of buying at Walmart. I wasnt sure of the quality or if I wanted to waste $20 on something that was going to unravel after 2 washes.

Although I was skeptical, I still decided to order. I bought a black and red striped skirt from Norma Kamali and a black sheer ruffled front top. Both pieces really caught my eye and I knew they would work together creating a no brainer outfit. I must say for the prices, I was pleased with the quality of the pieces 9for right now, we will have to wait and see how they look after the first wash). Although the skirt is polyester it had a little weight to it. I liked that the skirt was full and that the pleats weren’t too tight and structured. I liked how the skirt draped over my hips, however, it was really windy yesterday and the skirt kept flying up showing all my goodies (not a good look).  I’ll be sure to wear it in the summer on a really hot and humid day with no wind. The blouse was thin and sheer but it didn’t feel rough and itchy like some cheap sheer items can feel. I also loved how the sleeves were flowy and giving a batwing effect.

Most importantly both pieces were $15 each. Plus, each piece can work double duty because they can easily be paired with many other items in my wardrobe. I decided to rock my classic tan trench with the outfit and breakout my new black suede side scalloped pumps from Vince Camuto that I scored at Lord and Taylor’s for under $50. I truly love these pumps because they’re not too high and they were pretty comfortable for heels. I actually wore them today on my commute to work and my feet didn’t hurt.
Overall my entire outfit including the trench and the shoes was $100 exactly. That’s what I call style on a budget.

If you like what I’m wearing the skirt and top are still available at Walmart. Just click on the links below



Currently SC has a new shoe crush. We have been eyeing Vince Camuto styles since the summer. We were digging the super sexy peep toe sandals in rich blues, purples, and reds. Everytime we would enter the shoe department of Lord and Taylor we would see such a vibrant assortment of current trends like the wedged oxford  and classic styles like round toe platforms, we just had to find out who was designing this shoe collection.
So, who is Vince Camuto? Well, we were surprised to find out that Vince Camuto is known for being one of the co-founders of Nine West and has over 30 years of experience in the shoe industry. The shoe brand has been out since 2001.
Their target customer better known as the Camuto woman is timeless, edgy, strong, and feminine.
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