Hey curvy girls all over the world,
SC ran into stylist/jewelry designer Crystal Streets. Who might I say was very nice and sweet. You may remember Crystal from the popular reality show House of Glam. Crystal has decided to start a new jewelry line called LyraLoveStar that features delicate pieces with interesting cosmic details. While at the Heart Truth Red Dress Collection show at the 2011 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week SC chatted it up with Crystal about LyraLoveStar.

Take a look at our exclusive video



Hey curvy girls all over the world,
 Carmakoma has released a new video called “Boost Your Carma.” The video features a curvy blond bombshell that looks like a modern day Marilyn Monroe.
”The main character in the film is like the carmakoma woman. She feels free in her body, uninhibited by other people’s opinions. With an understated decadence she is playing with the forbidden showing her bold femininity and her urge for life in a sophisticated and extremely sexy manner,” says Heidie Lykke and Angelica Weiss, the two women behind carmakoma.

The video serves as a celebration of curvy women who possess self confidence from within.



Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Checkout SC’s new video checking out the new Monif C. boutique. From Monif C. intern to brand manager, Brandon gives SC an in depth look at the new Monif C. boutique (located at 325 W. 38th Street (between 8/9th Avenues) in Suite 207) and shares some insight on the fabulous holiday collection, what’s their number one seller, and a perfect partnership with LaDan’s Closet.

I also took a few snapshots of the boutique. Check it out:

When I got word that Monif C. had moved to a new boutique, I just had to be there to check it out.
The boutique had me at hello as soon as I saw the rich pink colored walls. I loved the the black and white leopard print back wall and the striped dressing room curtains. There was a pink shaggy carpet placed in the middle of the store that just made you want to roll around on it. A beautiful black chandelier served as the centerpiece of the room. Mannequins were decked out in gorgeous red dresses from the fall collection and there was a super cute assortment of sandals, boots and jewelry showcased throughout the store.

The boutique felt warm, inviting, and made you ready to shop. Monif C. has had tremendous success and she adorned her walls with framed magazine features from Essence and Glamour.

Although the space is small, Monif did a great job of decorating the space. Everything was so neat and orderly. If you’re in NYC or plan on coming to NYC make sure you check out the Monif C. boutique. You’ll be in pink heaven.

Be sure to check back this week for my one on one interview with Monif C. herself.

Special thanks to:
 Monif C. and Brandon for letting me come with my big tripod and little camera.