>As a lover of fashion sometimes I am puzzled by designers who don’t have plus size lines yet, especially when the designer themselves has or had a little meat on their bones, (cough, Karl Lagerfeld).
It’s 2010 and plus size women are still campaigning for high end designers to make clothes for our voluptuous bodies. For years the response has been, it costs too much and plus size women don’t shop. Well, I don’t know about you, but, there is one thing I know about a plus size woman who loves to look good, she will spend money on clothes that are luxurious and made well. The plus size industry is a billion dollar a year business, so, that says to me, a plus size woman loves to shop.

As Fashion Week is nearing I thought about some of my favorite designers who have yet to do a full fledged plus line or even add additional sizes above a size 14. The four designers I chose are Tracy Reese, Valentino, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Oscar De La Renta.

Tracy Reese

 The first time I saw Tracy Reese designs was back in 2006. I was mesmerized by her use of prints and fabrics. Everything was so girlie and colorful, it looked as if you were going to a tea party a la Alice in Wonderland. Tracy Reese herself is a curvy girl with her pear shaped frame. Which was surprising to me that her sizes stopped at a 12. Every year I hoped that I was going to read a press release that she would be going plus. The closest she came to going plus is when she partnered with Lucky and HSN for a designer capsule collection and all of the pieces went up to a size 3X. Tracy’s designs are perfect for a plus size woman because when it comes to her dresses they are almost always cut fuller at the bottom and fitted at the top or if she does a body con dress it is never super tight it skims the body while showcasing your curves. I have to admit that some of the models that she uses never quite fill out the dresses properly. I’m always saying she needs a curvy girl on that runway to showcase her designs better.

Diane Von Furstenberg

Seriously, Diane is missing out on mega bucks. She is credited with inventing one of the most flattering dresses in the world. Every curvy girl loves themselves a good wrap dress and Diane is Queen of the wrap dresses. Her prints are bold and her style is sweet and feminine. She also makes some amazing blazers and skirts. Diane’s designs would be perfect for the over 25 curvy girls who want that young polished look. Right now, Diane does go up to a size 14 in some of her pieces, but, I would put money on it that if she created a plus line that her profits would sky rocket.


Valentino’s designs give off a sophisticated sexy feel. He does ruffles and lace like no other. His clothes are dainty, feminine, and innovative. If Valentino had a plus size line it would be geared toward the curvy woman who wants to look classy and chic. A tailor is a curvy girl’s best friend and Valentino’s designs are impeccable when it comes to fit and it would give the plus woman that tailored look to show off her curves.

Oscar De La Renta

Oh Oscar! there is just so much to say about his gowns. Oprah said herself that if she were to get married, he would be her go to designer for a wedding gown. Every curvy girl no matter their style at some point in their lives wants to look and feel glamorous. Oscar is the man for the job. His designs are curve skimming and have that old Hollywood glamour.  A few years back Oscar did have a bridge line in plus sizes, but, I don’t think many people knew about it and now it no longer exists. I myself did purchase a beautiful printed full skirt from Filenes when the line was out and I would always get compliments on it. I also felt a sense of pride when people would say where did you get that from and I would reply, Oscar De La Renta. Oscar designs would be great for a plus size woman because they are bold, elegant, and would hug our curves just right.

What other designers would you like to see go plus?

All photos: NY MAG


>Hey curvy girls:
I have two small beefs with urban designers that I would like to get off my chest. Yesterday I posted a black strapless trench coat dress on the SC Facebook page. I posted this dress because I thought it was cute until I saw the big golden Baby Phat cat printed clear as day on the front of the dress. I can’t tell you how annoyed I was and a few SC readers understood why.
(You can see in the pictures below how logo’s detract from the designs.)

Some urban designers who appeal to the younger consumer are still branding their clothes with big logos. Why is this still happening? You would think since Baby Phat, Rocawear, Apple Bottoms, and Dereon have been out for awhile that they would see logo’s all over everything is not cool anymore. In the early 2000’s you were not fly if you did not rock anything with a logo on it. Remember when Biggie had everybody in the hood rocking Versace shirts or when rappers would be out in head to toe denim Gucci suits with the G’s all over? I don’t mind a t-shirt, but, on a dress it just looks tacky. I don’t want to be a walking billboard.

My second beef with urban designers is the use of polyester and ruching, especially for their plus size lines. Every time I see a polyester ruched dress or top with the big logo on it, I want to cut it up and stomp on it. It’s as if there is no other fabric they can use for the curvy girls. Frankly, the polyester and the ruching makes the clothes look cheap. It’s bad enough that we have to deal with other plus size designers making everything in jersey material. Curvy women like structured clothing too. Everything doesn’t have to be stretchy. Can I get some cotton and silk, please?

 In a perfect world, I would love to have an urban designer create a collection that covers every aspect of a young woman’s life, because, we are all not at the club every night. We do work and go to school. I would like to see an urban line that offers work, weekend, and after hours attire that can still have you looking fly when you’re hanging with your girls. My hope and faith was in Diddy’s Sean John for women, but, I was disappointed in what I saw in the ads with Lauren London and Cassie. He did such a great job with SJ for men (he did small logos) that I thought it was going to translate over to his women’s line, but, it didn’t. As a woman who lives an urban lifestyle, I love to dress sexy, sophisticated, and chic. Can I get an urban line that reflects all of that and uses natural fibers? I’m Just Saying!

What are your thoughts on urban clothing lines?