Hey curvy girl’s all over the world,

Stylish curvy girl of the day is the the beautiful Toccara Jones. The former ANTM contestant’s career has been keeping her busy lately. She showed up at the Essence offices looking sweet and simple in a cute white geometric print dress and nude peep toe pumps. If you have been keeping up with this beauty then you’ve noticed her new look. I am loving the new hair. I think the long and wavy style works well with her features and gives her a romantic look.

Are you feeling Toccara’s sweet and simple look?

Photo credit: Essence.com



Hey curvy girls:

A few months ago I wrote a post inquiring if Toccara of ANTM fame was modeling for Evans. I spotted only one photo of her (pictured above) at the time on the Evans website and wondered if she was the new face of the brand. Well, it looks like she is. Yesterday, I was reading Madison Plus and they had a few photos of Toccara naming her the new face of Evans. Personally, I am ecstatic to see Toccara branching out and snatching up modeling gigs besides covering men’s magazines. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be considered a sex symbol, but, I think it was a little too early in her career to do those types of magazines (just my opinion, don’t hate me).  
Modeling for Evans will be a great addition to her resume and portfolio. I have to admit I did wonder where she went after those historical and beautiful Vogue Italia pics she did. I love Toccara’s bone structure and the attitude she exudes that come across so well in her pics. I think her looks are sweet, sexy, and sassy. I wish her nothing but more success in this business.

Let me know your thoughts on Toccara’s looks for Evans

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