Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Anyone who knows me, knows that I love reading fashion magazines. You can even say I am obsessed. My closets and bookshelves are over flowing with mags dating back to 1998 (I know, I am obsessed). To put those mags to good use, I am adding a new feature to the blog (well, it’s not new, I used to do it when I first started blogging, but stopped) where I share with you my favorite articles from some of my favorite magazines.

Glamour is no doubt in my top five favorite mags of all time. For August, they dedicated majority of the issue to finding the sexiest pair of jeans for your body. Might I add that the August issue is truly a good read. I read it cover to cover. In one of the many jeans articles, Glamour asked 10 of the most stylish women that they know, “What’s Your Perfect Pair of Jeans.” As I was reading I came across woman number 4 which happened to be plus size model Tara Lynn, who looked super cool and sexy in a pair of jeggings from The legging by Joe’s and a black sexy sheer top from Lanston. Tara looked so cool and sexy in her pic and most of all, her body confidence was shining through.

 I especially loved her answer to how she likes to wear her jeans, “I like to wear my jeans with heels, silk, and lipstick. Me too Tara!

The Legging by Joe’s is available at Bloomingdales and goes up to a size XL. Here are are a few more jeggings by The Legging by Joe’s.

Vest is from L’agence which is pretty pricey at $348 and goes up to a size L.

So, if you haven’t already, checkout the August issue of Glamour. Truly a helpful read for all you jean lovers.


>Hey curvy girls,

If you haven’t heard by now French Elle features plus size model Tara Lynn on the cover of their April issue. I first heard the news reading one of my favorite blogs NY Mag’s The Cut. As soon as I saw the spread I immediately thought she looked beautiful and like the everyday curvy girl we see walking down the street. I was slighlty disappointed in the style choices because I thought they were a little bland and safe. A fashionable curvy girl is rarely safe in her wardrobe choices. We love pushing the skinny girl fashion envelope.
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It seemed as if the stylist lacked a bit of creativity. They could have chosen a few more accessories for the cover shot. For the actual spread, I wish they had chosen more colors, prints, and better shapes. I hate when they put plus size women in anything oversized like that trench coat that Tara is wearing. When I see that I think it gives a hidden message that if you are plus size you should only wear muted colors and simple shapes. The stylist should have taken notes from some of the poplular fatshion blogs to ee what curvy girls really wear. However, I did like that they put her in a bathing suit and a few fitted pieces.

What are your thoughts about Tara Lynn on the cover of French Elle?