>Hey curvy girls,
Last week SC reader Tashua was inspired by the Loft (formerly known as Ann Taylor Loft) outfit I posted and sent in a picture of her recreation of the look. Check it out.

Great job Tashua, you look super cute and ready to show your office who’s boss. I am loving that ruffle top.

Were you inspired by one of SC’s outfits? Send in your pictures to stylishcurves@gmail.com.



Hey curvy girls,
Today I am adding a new post feature called “Best Stylish Curvy Celebrity of The Week.” This feature will showcase a weeks worth of outfits from some of our favorite curvy celebrities. At the end of the month you guys will vote who had the best curvy girl style for that month.

Since March is over, we decided to choose Serena Williams for having the best curvy girl style for the month of March. Serena has been showing her softer girlie side with a touch of edginess. What I love about Serena is her spirit. Other blogs talk about how manly and overly muscular she looks and everytime I see pictures of her, she just looks great. I know she deals with her own body issues (didn’t know that did you?) but she keeps it moving and her curves are always stylish.

BTW-I love her new doo, it’s sexy and chic. One of those hair styles that instantly upgrades anything you wear.
Check out some of her looks during the month of March.

Are you feeling Serena’s style?