Hey curvy girls all over the world,

I was sent this super cute leopard print dress from curvy girl site Size Appeal. I have never worn anything from Size Appeal and quite frankly wasn’t intrigued by their website. However, I was curious to know how their clothes fit and looked on an up close and personal level because the photos on the site don’t do the clothes justice.
So far this season I’ve been buying a lot of animal prints. This is my 3rd animal print dress. I think I’m going to become one of those old ladies whose house is draped in animal prints from he couch to the curtains.

What I like about this dress is that it has a peplum waist which makes it a little more interesting. I also liked that the straps were wide enough to still wear a full bra oppose to a strapless one. The dress had a close fit and required spanx to smooth things out and hold things in. Like many of the trendy plus size brands the fit is more juniors plus than womens plus, which I dislike. I had to order two sizes up and the dress still had a tight fit. The quality is equivalent to the majority of trendy plus size brands. Not luxurious, but, you can definitely get a few wears out of it. Which is fair since the dress cost less than $40 retail value. 
I decided to wear my tuxedo jacket that I haven’t worn in years. I loved the satin sheen against the animal print. I also liked the low back of the dress because it adds another element of sexiness. This is actually in my opinion one of those dresses that is perfect for going out for a night of partying. 
Have any of you shopped at Size Appeal? Please share your thoughts and opinions.
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