At the Redress Indie Plus show I saw a voluptuous model sashay down the runway in Etsy designer Cupcake and Cuddlebunny’s Lollipop dress. A black and white polka dot dress that made me say, “I need that in my life.” It was love at first sight. I just loved the classic yet modern look of this dress. I’m a sucker for polka dots and of course anything with ruffles. I couldn’t wait until the next day to purchase the dress at the trunk show. As my luck would have it, I was unable to get to the Redress store the weekend of the trunk show and I didn’t have anytime during the week to stop by the boutique to get it. I figured the dress would be gone by the following week.
This past weekend, I stopped by Redress just to look around and behold there was the Lollipop dress. It was only one left. I said to myself, “It’s probably not going to be my size.” I leaned into the rack to check what size  it was. I could not believe it! The dress was my size. It must have been waiting for me. I immediately went to the fitting room to try it on and I loved how it looked. All it needed was minor alterations for a perfect fit because the top of the dress was too loose. I loved the cotton bow ruffles on the bottom of the dress and the soft satin top. The dress had such a retro yet sophisticated feel.
The only thing that I did not like about the dress was that it looked good on, but, once I started inspecting the construction of the dress I wasn’t as pleased. The stitching was a little shabby due to a few loose threads, the material was very lightweight, almost paper thin. I think the designer could have bumped up the level of quality.

Nevertheless, I still liked how the dress looked and fit. I will be wearing it to upcoming holiday cocktail parties. I added the red belt and red shoes for pops of color. I could easily swap out the reds for blues if I wanted to change up the dress.
 I think the Cupcake and CuddleBunny line shows a lot of promise with their retro animated girlie style. While some items were a little too costumey for me, there were a few other pieces like the french silk dress that had flair.
You can checkout Cupcake and Cuddlebunny on Etsy.com and they still have the Lollipop dress.


>Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Last Friday SC headed on down to the Redress Indie trunk show to checkout designs from LaDan’s closet, Cupcakes and Cuddle Bunny’s, Fennimas Jewelry, Jessica Pritchett shoes, and so much more. The event was held at the Invisible Dog in the Cobble Hill area of Brooklyn. The place was packed with well dressed curvy girls who were dying to see what was going to come down the runway.

Check out a few of the looks:

LaDan’s Closet

Jessica Pritchett Shoes
Cupcakes & Cuddle Bunny

Redress Owner Deb Malkin rocking her Anna Scholz dress
Checkout who else was at the show:
Creator of FFFWeek, MS. Gwen Devoe

Model Alicia Fajardo
 Fennimas Jewelry designer

F3 designers

For more on where to purchase any of the pieces, make sure you checkout the Redress website HERE