Curvy celebrities from Queen Latifah to Amber Riley were out showing off their curves at two major events this week, Cover Girl’s 50th Anniversary party and the 5th Annual People’s Choice Awards.
Checkout which curvy celebs brought their fashion A-Game this week.
Amber Riley and Queen Latifah both looked ultra chic in black outfits. Amber rocked a sequin Donna Morgan dress, which was the same dress that Queen Latifah wore in her spread for Parade magazine. SC loves the blue satin peep toe pumps that Amber chose. 
SC loves Queen Latifah’s tuxedo suit and how she added her own personal flair by wearing sneakers. We used to see a lot of rappers doing this, however, it’s refreshing to see that a feminine female like the Queen can do it just like the boys.
5th Annual People’s Choice Awards
At the People’s Choice Awards, host Queen Latifah opted for a super sexy pink peek-a-boo dress to show off her curves.
Khloe Kardashian opted for a bohemian goddess like look with a neutral color strapless gown that swept the floor.

A newly leaner Kim K. pinned her hair up and rocked a very chic printed strapless dress.

Raven Symone showed up to the awards in all black. Now, we love the leather boots and the pony tail, but, that ruffled jacket is a bit questionable. It’s a little too much, but, we still think she looks so cute. Hey, fashion is about having fun and trying new things, right?

Photo Credit:Zimbio

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Kicking off the new year with curvy girl fierceness is none other than Queen Latifah. The 37th annual People’s Choice Award host was interviewed by Parade magazine on her career and personal experiences in the entrtainment industry. Queen also does a pretty nice fashion spread in the magazine rocking a black sequin Donna Morgan dress.

Check the Queen out

A few excerpts from the article:
FORGING YOUR OWN PATH CAN BE LONELY “My parents raised me to stand up for myself. If there was something I believed in, I had to fight for it. As a pioneer, sometimes I had to stand alone. You just have to believe in your own ideas.”

“I’ve watched a lot of people in this business kind of freak out looking at the economy. I guess if you’re used to having all the money in the world, you don’t see how to make things work in bad times. But if you built things from the ground up, you’re used to creating with less. We saw it coming and looked at it as a time to be creative. We’ve gotten so much accomplished behind the scenes in the last year–in film, music, television, Web content, food and beverage, and clothing–that I can’t wait to see things come to fruition. The good thing about doing what I do is that if it’s not already there, hopefully I can create it. Maybe I’ll even make [my own drink]–Queen La-tea-fah!”

For more checkout Parade

Checkout Queen in this month’s comedy “Dilemma” with Vince Vaughn



Well, it’s the last week of 2010 and this week SC is taking a look back at the curvy celebrities that inspired you with their personal style and self confidence. We covered a lot of curvy girl style and these Hollywood stars were serving up some of the hottest styles out there for curvy women. They didn’t wear things that covered them up or blend in with everyone else. These curvy celebs showed us how to wear trends, look classic, and show off our curves.

 We want you to vote on which curvy celebrity had the best style in 2010. Was it America Ferrera with her sultry chic dresses? Was it Amber or Hayley who represented for the trendy curvy girls? Or was it Queen Latifah and Raven Symone who showed off their new svelte figures in body con dresses and skinny jeans.

You Decide!




>In this weeks curvy girl style corners we have Queen Latifah who is rocking a black and white floral print origami dress with gray peep toe pumps vs Amber Riley who loves colorful dresses and is wearing a blue chiffon strapless dress and satin pointy toe pumps.

Who wins this style battle?

Queen Latifah
Amber Riley



Hey curvy girls:
Queen Latifah is the May/June cover girl for Upscale magazine. The queen looks radiant on the cover in a form fitting frock. Latifah has never been one to shy away from telling it like it is. She is one of those celebrities whose business is not all out in the street (except for those stripper pictures). She has managed to have a strong career for the past 20 years. In the issue Latifah discusses her thoughts and feelings about social networking.

Here are a couple of questions from the interview:

You’ve been asked so much about your sexuality. Wouldn’t it be easier at this point to just speak on it-once-and be done with it?

I don’t have to explain anything. I don’t have to confirm anything. Look, I need my time. I need my life.

But isn’t that a part of being a celebrity, letting people into your personal life?
You know, I was looking at something the other day. A magazine with Jennifer Aniston on the cover. That’s a strong woman right there. All of these people in her business-who is she dating? Angie this. Brad that. They come up with so much stuff. That’s a tough situation to be in. My situation is small compared to that. But still, I don’t feel like I need to explain. I’m the one living it. You write about it. You go ahead and speculate. I’ll just live it.

Why she is skeptical about social media
When I meet someone I want to enjoy the moment of connecting with them. If they’re scrambling to get a picture to post on twitter, they’re losing the memory by missing the moment. Real life and social networking are not the same. I’m in a hotel room right now looking out at Central Park. The people out there are living life, playing soccer. Do I want to kick the ball? Or take a picture of it? I want to kick it

My Thoughts:I have to agree with her last statement. Today with Twitter, Facebook, and, Myspace there is a lack of connection with people. I remember back in the day when emailing was the biggest way to communicate with people. When texting came, oh, you could forget it. I hated to even pick up the phone and talk to anyone. I would say just text me. Sometimes, I do just long for that personal time with a friend or family member. I miss the face to face with people. Being able to see their expressions while they talk about their day or what’s going on in their lives. I’ve always found that whenever you email or text a person, you can never be too sure of the tone of the email or text. I have gotten into plenty of disagreements because someone misread what I wrote.

I say that to say this (lol). Every once in awhile take a moment to pick up the phone and talk or schedule a time to meet with that friend you have been rain checking for almost a month now.


>All this week The Fashion Bomb has been posting throw backs of black history fashion trends (my favorite was the big gold rope chains that Run DMC used to wear) and it inspired me to represent some of the history that black plus size curvy women have made.

Photo Credit: Jordan Tesfay

Cover Girl has been influential in representing women of color. Thanks to Queen Latifah’s Cover Girl line, Jordan Tesfay was the first black plus size model to be in a nation wide campaign, for Cover Girl cosmetics.

Who is Jordan Tesfay: (According to Wikipedia and her myspace page)- Jordan is a model with Wilhelmina model agency in New York. She won a model search with MODE (Remember this magazine) magazine. She has made appearances in the straight to DVD movie, Carlitos Way, Rise to Power. She has graced the cover of Amaze magazine multiple times.

Check out her spread inside the Nordstrom 2009 Fall Winter catalog
                       Photo Credits: Runway Revolution
Stay tuned for more black stylish curvy girl moments in history

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