Last month designer Tasha Hill and plus size petite model Jeannie Ferguson showcased their Big Girls United clothing line. The collection was titled the Chameleon collection. A line that offers curvy girls stylish trendy pieces that showcase our curves. We like that the silhouettes are not boring and plays up curves. Most women plus or not shy away from harem pants and this collection embraces them. The collection has all the right details to flatter a curvy girls figure like draped dresses and a ruffled hem jacket. The collection brings out the girlie side of a woman with bright rich hues such as cobalt blue and magnetic purple. If you’re not a fan of bright colors, there are a few black pieces like the zippered sleeve dress to give you the edge that you need.
After seeing this bold trendy collection, Big Girls United is now on SC’s radar. You know we just love when clothing brands embrace curves in a stylish way. For more looks checkout BGU.



Hey curvy girls,
I was going through my daily fashion news reads and I came across this post on New York mag’s fashion blog, The Cut.

Next week, knit wear designer Mark Fast (the designer who uses plus size models in his runway shows) will debut his line of knit wear at Topshop on June 25th. Mark Fast is one who always creates a stir when it comes to his designs and of course the models he chooses. With this Topshop line he is sure to blow the lid off the pot with five Hot and Sexy pieces at Topshop. All items range from $170-$310. A little rich for your blood? Me too. However, for those of you with CEO or Executive money, you can probably snag one of these knit pieces without skipping out on the rent.  I love the peek-a-boo and fishnet cutouts. It’s in your face sexiness with a hint of raunchiness. The gray dress looks the most wearable, but, you will have to be sure to get the proper undergarments to prevent yourself from looking trashy, unless you’re wearing it in private for that special someone.

Not sure what the sizing will be like, but, knit wear is very forgiving, so, I definitely don’t see a problem for curvy girl’s to fit into any of these pieces.

Check out the rest of the line and let me know your thoughts.


>Hey curvy girls,

Can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. I have so much work to do at the office that I’ve been staying super late. Working for a hedge fund is no joke. At least when my workday is over I have this blog to look forward to. This week I got a little surprise in the mail (not really). Last week I ordered the Kelsi Dagger Juno sandals from Piperlime who was offering 20% off sandals and I was so excited to wear them.

Lately my social calendar has been nonexistent. Since I am a corporate working girl by day, I decided to wear my KD’s with one of my work outfits that I got from one of my fave stores Loft.

 Curvy girls, do not sleep on Loft! I’m serious. They are one of the few chain retail stores that carry up to a size 18 and XXL in misses and a size 16 and XL in petites. I became a fan of their clothes after graduating college in 2003 because I needed some fun young looking clothes for work. You don’t have to necessarily go to them for edgy pieces, but, you can find some really cute basic pieces that include trendy dresses, skirts, and tops. Which can easily be paired with your edgy looking pieces. The cuts are true to size and they truly offer some great girlie stuff (if that’s your style). Lately I have been obsessed with their white boyfriend blazer (shown above). I wore it so much that I had to retire it to the cleaners because it was beginning to look yellow. This entire outfit, jacket, top, and skirt is all from the Loft (you can click on the links to purchase). I am in love with the ikat print skirt which will probably be one of my go to pieces for the summer.

I was a little mad with Loft when they stopped carrying size 16’s in the store (due to the recession). However, you can get the 16’s and 18’s on their website. As curvy girls we have to support those stores that carry above a size 12 or 14 so they can start to send the larger sizes back to the store and we can stop losing our money in shipping. This is why I am also a fan of Banana Republic who carry’s size 16’s and Tall online. Their tops are also generously cut for us plus size curvy girls with a little extra something something at the top. If they don’t see us buying in the store then we will have no other choice but to continue shopping online, which sometimes is a hassle especially when you have to pay to return.

Sorry for the super long post, but, I just wanted to share a few of my new goodies with you.

Also, Kelsi Dagger is having AN ULTIMATE FAN fan contest on their Facebook page. Upload a picture of you in your favorite pair of KD shoes and you will be entered to win not one but three pairs of Kelsi Dagger shoes. For more info on the contest go HERE.

*Please Note: I have not been paid to promote any of these products. Nor were they given to me by any of the brands. I spent my hard earned money on everything. I am just a real consumer giving my real and honest opinion on the products I love.

Are any of you Loft fans? What do you think about their clothes?



The other day I came across an article in the New York Metro newspaper with a picture of plus size model Crystal Renn from the V magazine size issue, and it was titled, “But…Will it last!” The article explored the rise of the plus size model in 2009. It gave a vague timeline of the ups and downs of plus-size models from 2005- 2009, recapping some of the most historical plus size model moments, such as knit wear designer Mark Fast choosing three plus size models to walk in his spring show to Karl Lagerfeld’s crazy rant about plus size women being “Fat mummies.”

The writer Kenya Hunt (Metro World News In London) interviewed industry insider Gary Dakin (Crystal Renn’s agent)

Excerpt from the article:
Since September, Gary Dakin, head of Ford Models Ford + Division, has also received more requests than usual for his models. Gary says: “We have seen spikes in interest. But this year has by far been the biggest one,” he says.

According to the article: Dakin thinks that the term plus size is a huge part of the problem that prevented women like Renn and Atwell from booking jobs. He goes on to say, “We have got to get rid of this label.  Women who are size 16 don’t necessarily view themselves in the same category as women who are a size 28. If we eliminate the label, problem solved.”

A 2001 people magazine article of the top plus models

My thoughts:
As we all know, at this moment it is cool to be curvy or have a little meat on your bones. I think the fashion industry is finally recognizing what the everyday woman wants to see. I believe the plus size phenom will last. This is not anything new. Plus size women have been fighting for years to be accepted into fashion. Models like Emme have been out there advocating for more plus size models and plus size fashion for years. It just seems like now we are being recognized by main stream media.Yes, there are still those fashion designers and editors out there who think that plus size means being unhealthy and they will never become supporters of the movement, but,  I think that the rise of the plus size is here to stay.
As plus size women we should be putting our money where our mouths are. If we want more designers to make plus size clothes then we have to support the designers and chain stores that do offer plus sizes. This will create a need for more plus size models. If we don’t support, then we will not continue to see a change. 
Plus size model working the runway
What are your thoughts on the following points that Gary Dakin makes?
1) A plus size 16 does not neccessarily put themselves in the same category as a size 28.

2) We need to eliminate the plus size label.

My question to you:

Do you think the plus size phenom is here to stay?

>Classic Style


Classic VS Edgy

I like to think of myself as an open minded person who can accept other people’s views on individuality when it comes to fashion. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. After all, it’s their opinion, right? Well, yesterday I was reading some articles from self proclaimed fashionistas who felt like if you looked to celebrities for style inspiration or chose a more classic style of fashion that you were not showing individuality. As I was reading, I kept thinking to myself, this is not true. In my opinion your style should be true to who you are as a person and should reflect what inspires you whether that is a person, place, or thing.

I think when it comes to being young and curvy, everyone is fighting to standout and be different. Think Beth Ditto. Who loves to let all her rolls hang out and wears outrageous fashion. It’s like when the whole goth craze started and the goth kids were against the preppy kids. I feel like that is happening amongst young plus size curvy girls. You have your girls who are more edgy and love everything that is black, and their favorite designer is Jean Paul Gaultier, and they hate anything that has to do with celebrity style. I love girls like that. I think they’re bad ass.

What I don’t like is when they hate on the plus size curvy girls who like the girly side of fashion. I am proud to say that I am one of those girls. I love rocking blazers, button ups, and shift dresses. I love classic looks, I love bright colors and I love 4 inch heels and flirty dresses. My favorite designers are Donna Karan and Michael Kors. I also like looking at celebrities and being inspired by their style (well, the stylist who styled them) I love mimicking a celebrity look. This does not make me any less of an individual nor does it make me boring and not standout.

Classic looks will always stand the test of time and will never go out of style. While I admire those bad ass plus size fashionistas who wear combat boots with mini skirts, I also, love those plus size curvy girls whose favorite stores are Banana Republic and Ann Taylor and wear classic simplistic pieces. They standout just as much as the next girl.

If you are a plus size curvy girl and you love Jackie O. and Mrs. Obama’s style this post is dedicated to you.

With all that being said ( I know it was a mouth full), check out my new watch list from new spring arrivals at some of my favorite sites. A mixture of classic and edgy pieces.

From top left to right



Yesterday I was checking my email and I came across a silk zebra print dress by plus size designer Monif C. I consider Monif a luxury designer because most of her dresses are fairly mid to high price. I have never bought a Monif C. dress but, I hear her clothes are of quality and great style. What struck a cord in me about the silk zebra print dress was the fact that it was about $500. I thought to myself, wow, that’s kind of pricey for plus size clothing.

As women in general we fluctuate in weight, but, as plus size women, many of us are trying to trim down for health or personal reasons. So, spending $500 on an article of clothing would seem like a waste of money, right? Or, does it not matter because you want luxury items just the same as non-plus size women?

Today I pose this question:
As a plus size woman would you buy or have you bought an article of clothing for $500 or more, and why?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

>Skinny Girl Fashion for the Curvy Body


I am such a fan of Kerry Washington’s style. It’s always lady like as well as edgy. She was curvy a few years ago when we first met her in Save The Last Dance. She recently lost some weight and is rocking a new slimmer body. Check her out in this coral draped dress.

For all my girls with curves looking to rock a similar look, I found this Baby Phat dolman sleeve dress in a cream color. If you don’t know by now, Baby Phat is a clothing line that makes the same clothes in misses sizes as well as plus sizes. This dress retails for $59 and comes in sizes 1X-3X.

Another slender girl with great style is Eve. Her style is always edgy and sexy. At the VH1 Hip Hop Honors she sported a corseted style sheath dress.
To create a similar look try this Ann Taylor dress, $180, sizes 00-18. You can take it to the tailor to have it shortened. To really recreate Eve’s look you can go to the fabric store and purchase a piece of leather or faux leather fabric and have the tailor add it to the waist of the dress.
Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron is a very slim woman who also has a sexy and edgy style when it comes to fashion. The African born actress always looks so well put together. If you like her style and would like to make it work for your curves try this dress from Dereon, $69, sizes 1X-3X.
Also for my curvy sisters below a size 10. Dereon, another urban line that makes the same clothes for misses and plus sizes, offers another version of the plus size dress for $59, sizes XS-XL.