As plus size women we have to be creative when it comes to shopping in order to broaden our personal style. Every now and again we have to venture into straight size stores to see what new styles they have. As I advocate on this blog, sometimes you have to focus on the cut and not the size when you’re not shopping in plus size stores in order to get some of the trends and looks that plus size brands don’t carry. You never know what goodies you may find.

Today I wanted to share with you a few spring pieces that I love from American Eagle. Aside from carrying jeans and super cute tees, surprisingly American Eagle has a pretty nice collection of dresses, blazers, and bags. While I can’t fit any of their jeans because they’re all low rise and do not accommodate my voluptuous hips and derriere, I do love buying their girlie tops and feminine blazers. In case you didn’t know, American Eagle goes up to a size 18 and XXL in their clothes. For this spring season I’m coveting quite a few of their pieces to update my wardrobe and the best part is that they’re all under $40.

 1. Ikat Print Scarf, $19.50

 2. Striped Strapless Dress, $34.50

3. White Corset Tube Dress, $39.50

4. Striped Schoolboy Blazer, $39.95

5. FEED tote bag, 39.50

6. Aerie Yellow Open Stitch Nautical Sweater, $33.37

7. AE Camp Shirt, $34.50



After viewing tons of backstage videos of NYFW I came across a video from one of my favorite blogs The Cut. Amy Odell from The Cut did a Q&A asking about the plus size model trend at fashion week 2011. After listening to comments from straight size models, stylists, and a few designers there was one comment that stood out to me. Designer Douglas Hannant responded to the question saying this, “I think plus size models are beautiful but its not my idea on the runway because I’m not doing a plus size line.”
His comment made me stop and think to myself, is there a point where we as a plus size community should respect a designers vision not to use plus size models or create a plus size line, without feeling slighted? In the creative world of fashion vision is everything. In many cases it can make or break you as a designer. If it is not a designer’s vision to do plus size or use a plus size model then we should respect that, right?

Here’s a little piece of my mind. Aside from designers losing out on big bucks by excluding plus sizes, I think many designer visions are narrow minded. Designers need to start challenging themselves and start stepping outside of the box. Inspiration is what creates visions. Maybe designers should start spending a little time with plus size women (they have them in their families too) to understand our needs and wants, then they can become truly inspired to include us and start creating lines that are inclusive of all sizes.
Share your thoughts!

>SIMPLY BE’S SPRING 2011 Lookbook


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
The lovely people at Simply Be just hooked SC up with their new Spring 2011 lookbook. The pieces the model is wearing are very bohemian chic. Bold prints, maxi dresses, and a few classic pieces like tie waist shorts and a classic trench makes SC ready for spring to come. Simply Be has a US site so you can all grab up these pieces now.
Checkout the Simply Be 2011 Lookbook

To purchase checkout Simply Be



What is that, velvet? (I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist.). Ever since that hilarious scene in Coming To America, whenever I say or see velvet, I have to say that line. Velvet seems to have made a big comeback this year, but, it my opinion it never left. I’ve always been a fan of velvet and no matter its popularity, I’ve always worn it. A few months back I bought this velvet two button blazer with a gift card I got after attending Bodens Johnnie B. fall collection preview. They had a pink velvet and a leopard print velvet version of this blazer that I wanted, but, I chose the black because I realized that I didn’t have any nice looking black blazers. I thought a black velvet blazer would be perfect to dress up or dress down. Especially for the fall and winter months.

As you all know, I like my clothes to work double duty. Meaning, I need to be able to wear at least 60% of my clothes to work and on the weekends without looking like I’m going to work on the weekends (it does happen sometimes). I chose to wear the blazer with a ruffled skirt for a youthful look. Velvet can sometimes age you, so, it’s important to make sure that you are wearing it with pieces that are young and fresh.

Skirt-Forever21, Belt-Forever21, Shoes-Guess, bow tie shirt-Loft, Earrings -Strawberry, Watch-Anne Klein
The second time I wore the velvet blazer, I was trying to play around with looks. I wanted to wear it with a trendy item so I chose to wear it with my light blue denim biker jeans, a striped sweater and my black pumps with polka dot shoe clips. I think it’s important to play around with your wardrobe and mix and match pieces for an unexpected look.
This blazer really had a comfortable fit. I had never purchased anything from Boden before because I thought the clothes were a little too mature for me. I’m hoping that leopard print or pink velvet blazer is still available after Christmas because it will be mine. In case you didn’t know, Boden goes up to a size 18. 
Sweater-Loft, Biker jeans-Torrid, Shoes-Vince Camuto, Earrings-Forever21
More options for a velvet blazer:
SC’s Tips for wearing velvetAlthough I chose a black and white theme with my velvet blazer, there are so many more ways you can wear one. Velvet is such a soft smooth fabric that it automatically dresses things up. It livens up whatever you wear it with. Try a velvet blazer over a sexy slinky dress in a bright color or pair it with a satin top for extra glamour.



Hey curvy girls all over the world,

I was afforded the opportunity to meet with designer Sherita Jennings of Viscera NY. Viscera is a luxury clothing line dedicated to curvy women of all sizes.

Whenever I meet a designer I’m always worried about them coming off a little bourgeoisie. This was not the case with Sherita. After introducing myself to her we began talking about how she got started, where she’s from, and of course her thoughts on plus size fashion.

Sherita comes from a family of curvy women. The South Carolina designer has been in NYC for about three years and her line has been up and running for two. Sherita’s customer is the curvy girl who wants to standout and show off their curves. Her Fall collection had hints of the 60’s and 70’s. It consisted of Supreme worthy sequin dresses and Pam Grier approved jumpsuits, with a jazzy vibe of the glamorous 20’s.

What intrigues me about this line is not just the luxurious fabrics or impeccable attention to detail, it is the passion that the designer has for making luxury clothes for curvy women of all sizes. I guess that’s why she named it Viscera which comes from the word Visceral and means gut, soul. Sherita feels that plus size fashion is too buttoned up and stuffy. She likes when curves are embraced and shown off. Her designs exemplifies that and it’s done so elegantly.

Currently her pieces go up to a size 16, however, she also does customized fittings. So, if you are above a size 16 you can get you a customized piece from the designer just like the celebs do.

For more information on Viscera NY checkout their website at Viscera NY

The green jumpsuit we were talking about on the video can be found in the new September issue of Plus Model Magazine.  (See below)

Checkout more of the Viscera NY Collection:



Hey curvy girls all over the world,

I just got the official press release that Simply Be’s USA site is now available for you to shop.

According to the release:
This summer, British catalog and online retailer Simply Be are launching their unique brand of women’s plus size apparel in the US. The eagerly awaited website is now live at SimplyBe.com with a sample of the Spring Summer collection. A full online offering of new season styles will be available in August alongside an accompanying Fall catalog.

Simply Be’s U.S. sizes will be from 10-28. The site offers tons of great pieces for a variety of stylish curvy girls. I will be on it searching for that jumpsuit that The Curvy Fashionista, Marie Denee wore to FFFWeek.

They also offer a variety of shoes and lingerie. Talk about a one stop shop.

If you haven’t already check out what the U.S. site has to offer.