>Hey curvy girls:
I have two small beefs with urban designers that I would like to get off my chest. Yesterday I posted a black strapless trench coat dress on the SC Facebook page. I posted this dress because I thought it was cute until I saw the big golden Baby Phat cat printed clear as day on the front of the dress. I can’t tell you how annoyed I was and a few SC readers understood why.
(You can see in the pictures below how logo’s detract from the designs.)

Some urban designers who appeal to the younger consumer are still branding their clothes with big logos. Why is this still happening? You would think since Baby Phat, Rocawear, Apple Bottoms, and Dereon have been out for awhile that they would see logo’s all over everything is not cool anymore. In the early 2000’s you were not fly if you did not rock anything with a logo on it. Remember when Biggie had everybody in the hood rocking Versace shirts or when rappers would be out in head to toe denim Gucci suits with the G’s all over? I don’t mind a t-shirt, but, on a dress it just looks tacky. I don’t want to be a walking billboard.

My second beef with urban designers is the use of polyester and ruching, especially for their plus size lines. Every time I see a polyester ruched dress or top with the big logo on it, I want to cut it up and stomp on it. It’s as if there is no other fabric they can use for the curvy girls. Frankly, the polyester and the ruching makes the clothes look cheap. It’s bad enough that we have to deal with other plus size designers making everything in jersey material. Curvy women like structured clothing too. Everything doesn’t have to be stretchy. Can I get some cotton and silk, please?

 In a perfect world, I would love to have an urban designer create a collection that covers every aspect of a young woman’s life, because, we are all not at the club every night. We do work and go to school. I would like to see an urban line that offers work, weekend, and after hours attire that can still have you looking fly when you’re hanging with your girls. My hope and faith was in Diddy’s Sean John for women, but, I was disappointed in what I saw in the ads with Lauren London and Cassie. He did such a great job with SJ for men (he did small logos) that I thought it was going to translate over to his women’s line, but, it didn’t. As a woman who lives an urban lifestyle, I love to dress sexy, sophisticated, and chic. Can I get an urban line that reflects all of that and uses natural fibers? I’m Just Saying!

What are your thoughts on urban clothing lines?


>Hey curvy girls,

You all know I love designers that make clothes for size 4 and up. As I was reading my April Essence I came across designer Qristyl Frazier a season 6 Project Runway contestant. I checked out her website and saw that she has some amazing things for curvy girls. She designs for sizes 4-30 and has made clothes for curvy celebrities such as Angie Stone and Queen Latifah.

I love that her designs accentuate and showcase a curvy girls body and shows off the voluptuous curves that people tell us play down.

To see more, visit her website at Qristyl Frazier. She also has a directory with a list of the models that she used.

Check out some of her pieces and tell me what you think:



Lee Lee’s Valise

The standout logo

About three years ago I received an email from the online plus size store Kiyonna. In that email was an introduction to a new plus size boutique called Lee Lee’s Valise in Brooklyn, NY.  I was so excited and thought, man, somebody stole my idea. The next day I stopped by the Caroll Gardens store and congratulated the owner on doing something wonderful for the world of plus size fashion. I then told every magazine forum I was on that there was a plus size boutique in Brooklyn, that they should check out. Fastforward to now, Lee Lee’s Valise has grown and is doing big things. You can see her store frequently featured on TLC’s What Not To Wear and plus size beauties like Jill Scott has worn pieces directly from her store. Lee Lee’s Valise has been featured on tons of magazines as the go to place for the plus size curvy girls. She even offers exclusive designs on some of her handbags and belts in store. I wanted to share with you some of her new items.

Jill Scott will be wearing this red multi colored floral dress on an upcoming episode of Law& Order SVU
This weekend I decided to revisit the boutique and see what they had to offer. The upscale boutique is moderately to expensively priced with butter soft leathers and the highest quality of silk, cotton, and matte jersey. Plus size designers such as Igigi, Donna Ricco, LuLu (best selling dresses), and a host of others fill the shop with the latest and classic trends.
Lisa is very hands on with her customers honestly telling them what looks good and what should just be put back on the rack. Her husband also gives pretty good insight to what looks good and what doesn’t. The clothes they sell are made in America and of good quality. Many of the dresses are washable and non dry clean.


When asked how they felt about being one of the best plus size stores to go to, they say” If everyone else is a minus then we’re a plus. Otherwise we’re just a store with different sizes just like any other boutique.”

My Verdict: Great store for work dresses and evening events. Although prices are moderate to high, the quality of the material is well worth it. Love the variety of jeggings and skinny jeans.
If you haven’t already go and check Lee Lee’s Valise out. Don’t live in NYC you can also purchase things online at: http://www.leeleesvalise.com/
That’s Lisa (Owner), me, and Lisa’s husband