>Pleats For Curves

>One of my favorite shapes on a woman is the pear shape. I used to always wish I had a pear shape opposed to an hourglass shape, because I never liked having large breasts. Pear shape women are usually smaller at the top and larger at the bottom. You can see their hips coming from a mile away. I remember back in highschool when my first job was working at McDonalds, I had a coworker whose shape I admired everyday. She had this small little upper body and her hips would always knock over the buns as she would move around in the kitchen making big macs. She would always wear tight jeans to show off her hips and I used to think, I could never wear tight jeans with these hips.

She would walk around with confidence as the male customers would drool over her. At that time I was insecure about my large hips and whenever I saw her, I would gain more confidence about the size of my hips, because she would wear her hips with pride. As we got to know each other, we would make jokes about our hips and everytime we worked the same shift, we would say, what’s up pencil hips and then laugh about it.

I am talking about hips today because a popular trend for 2009 are pleated skirts and dresses. You have seen curvy celebrities like Beyonce wearing this trend. Check her out in two different looks

The red dress gives Beyonce a kangaroo pouch. You may not want to go this extreme if you are trying ot pull this look off in your everyday life.
The white dress is perfect. It has a hint of the trend and it actually looks flattering on the hips.
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Pleats on hips can be very tricky. It can either add volume or not lay properly. If you have full large hips. I suggest trying this trend in an A-line silhouette.
If you are sick of A-line skirts and want to take this trend full on then you may need to go a size up if the pleats don’t lay on your hips properly.
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Skirt-Faith21, $15.80, sizes XL-2X, Dresses- Torrid, sizes 12-26