Sometimes I have to refrain from going into Forever21 because the clothes are so cheap and cute that I wind up over spending. A few months back I visited the Forever21 store on 42nd street doing some mindless shopping and came across this super cute dress for $25. The dress had just the right details to make it into my closet. I loved the little bow belt, ruched sleeves, and the sweetheart neckline. Most of all I loved the berry color. It ‘s a perfect dress for dinner or drinks.

What I’m Wearing

Shoes-Vince Camuto

Shoe Clips-shoeclips.biz (Gifted)

Bracelet-Alexis Bittar (Gifted)



You know its cold when you have to be thankful that it’s 35 degrees instead of 20. This weekend seems to be a little warmer than it has been the past couple of days so I’m taking advantage and trying to run some errands that I’ve been putting off. In case you were wondering, yes, I run errands in heels.
 They make me feel put together.
I received this open cardigan sweater as a gift from Nordstroms plus size line Sejour. It has a little gold sparkle in it and it’s nice and chunky and super warm. I thought it would look really good with this sleeveless ruffle neck top that I got from Jessica London. I love this shell because the bright orange really stands out and looks great peaking out from blazers and cardigans.
Lately I’ve been getting into hats and I spotted this fedora at Forever21 back in October and have been wearing it on days when my hair just has a mind of its own. This look is pretty much a typical weekend look for the winter for me. I like to layer shells and button ups under sweaters and belt them.
I love big manly watches and this Michael Kors watch is perfect for chunky knits.
Wearing my Michael Antonio ankle boots again. These boots just add a trendy flair to all my jeans and dresses. The gold studs are so fun.

What I’m Wearing
Sweater-Sejour (gifted)
Ruffled Shell-Jessica London (gifted)
Jeans-Old Navy (gifted)
Belt-American Eagle (gifted)
Boots-Michael Antonio
Watch-Michael Kors

What’s a typical weekend outfit for you guys?



I love my readers! Reader Shelley left me a comment on my leather and lace outfit post saying,

“I like your boots! I am tryna find the close-up picture of that middle outfit you have. The one with the leopard leggings. OMG. I wanna see that.”

The outfit she is referring to is the middle picture on SC’s header. You can checkout that post here. I totally forgot all about those leopard print pants due to the mountain of clothes that are in  my closet. After I gave her the link to that post, I decided to search for those pants and what do you know I found them.

I got these leopard print jeggings from Faith21 last year. A friend from Jersey of all places talked me into buying them. You know Jersey girls love their animal prints. I love these pants because they’re comfortable and saucy. They were one of my favorite pairs of pants to wear because I would wear them with t-shirts and solid colored button ups. People think that plus size women should stay away from any printed pants, but, I say screw that. I love my body and I’m going to embrace my curves and not be afraid of printed pants. I know I may have gotten some weird looks wearing these, but, one thing about me is that if someone doesn’t like what I’m wearing then that’s their problem. Just like Fantasia said, “I’m doing me!”

This time, I decided to wear it with my black draped vest, lace sleeve shirt, and Vince Camuto suede pumps. Thanks Shelley for reuniting me with an old favorite.

What I’m Wearing:
Lace Sleeve Top-Forever21
Draped Cardigan-TJMAXX (gifted)
Leopard Jeggings-Faith21
Suede Pumps-Vince Camuto



It has truly been a long week and the weekend just started. I decided to go out and get some drinks Friday with a friend. Since it was a bit chilly outside, I thought it would be the perfect time to breakout my biker jacket. I threw it on over a sheer top and with my pale pink lace skirt. I also put on my over the knee boots but pushed them down for more of a scrunched look. I love big dressy earrings so I added my black and silver chandelier earrings.
I love all the zippers on this leather biker jacket and the toughness makes me feel like a little bad ass. I bought this lace skirt this summer and just adore how much it works with other things in my wardrobe. I’m also wearing my fuchsia lipstick from MAC called, “Girl About Town.” I only wear it at night because it’s a little bright. I didn’t like how the lipstick looked on its own so I put gloss over it.

What I’m Wearing
Leather Biker Jacket-Gifted from Jessica London
Sheer Top-Torrid
Lace Skirt-Loft
Boots: Michael Antonio



I’m the kind of shopper who likes to buy things that can work double or triple duty for my lifestyle. I need to be able to wear a piece of clothing to work, on the weekends, or for evening. So, when I found this BCBG Max Azria dress at the Last Call Studio By Neiman Marcus, I knew I would wear it to work and for drinks after work with just a few changes.
To make this dress work for a round of drinks at happy hour or for dinner on the weekends, I decided to throw on my waterfall leather (actually pleather) jacket for a youthful yet cool look. To punch things up, I went for my bold red suede shoes. I’ve always been a fan of leather being worn with more feminine pieces because it offers such a stylish and slightly bad ass contrast.

 As for this dress, I truly love the feel of this dress. It’s soft and doesn’t feel clingy. I also love the versatility of it, because like I said, I can wear it to work with a blazer or on the weekends with a long cardigan, scarf, and flat boots. I have always been a fan of BCBG since my last year in H.S. I own a few pieces from the line and have always loved the chic style of Max Azria clothes. As I stated in my previous post this dress is a size L and I am a true size 18, so, when shopping it’s helpful and important to not always focus on the number of the tag, but on the cuts and shape of clothes.

If you haven’t already I suggest rocking a leather jacket over your dresses and with your skirts for that added cool factor.

What I’m Wearing
Dress-BCBG (also available online)
Cuff-Alexis Bittar



Last week I was a shopping maniac due to all my birthday coupons. This faux fur vest was one of things I purchased and it was super cheap. I wanted the fur vest to add a little trendy flavor to my basic dresses and tunics. Luckily the weather was in the mid 60’s so I was able to wear it on its own. I always find it interesting how one trendy piece can transform all your basic pieces. This is why I’m probably a fan of the 70/30 rule. You know, 70% of your closet should be classic pieces and the remaining 30% should be trendy pieces. I’ll be wearing this vest with my skirts and of course jeans.

Saturday, I chose to wear the vest with a light pink satin dress and leggings. I paired it with my favorite brown leather boots that I got for $50 at Steve Madden 3 years ago. They were the last pair of boots in the store and they were a size 10. Believe it or not these boots were in the intro of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada.” Atleast that’s what I think I saw.

I thought I would complete my Rachel Zoe look with my purple oversized shades, a big cuff bracelet and my big Michael Kors watch. I took one look at myself and said, “I Die!” LOL!

What I’m wearing: Vest-Torrid, Tunic-H&M, Leggings-NY&CO, Boots-Steve Madden, Shades-Loft, Bracelet-Loft (Gifted), Watch-Michael Kors



Hey curvy girls all over the world,
I have always been a firm believer that you can find stylish clothes on a budget. With major chain brands like Target and Kohl’s becoming the go to stores for luxury designers to present their more affordable bridge lines, a girl could easily find a great outfit for under $100.

Now when I think of budget friendly stores to find stylish clothes I never really think of Walmart. It actually wasn’t until I went to the Just My Size symposium that I even considered buying clothes at Walmart. I know people have been giving pretty good reviews on a few lines from Walmart like Norma Kamali and Miss Tina, but, I still never considered it. I received a gift card to Walmart for attending the JMS fashion show and I thought what better than clothes to use the gift card on. I cruised the website and checked out Miss Tina’s line and Norma Kamali’s line and I found some really cute pieces at very low prices.

I’m no stranger to buying clothes for less than $20, but, when I do, I’m always skeptical of the quality (I don’t expect much). Which is why I was skeptical of buying at Walmart. I wasnt sure of the quality or if I wanted to waste $20 on something that was going to unravel after 2 washes.

Although I was skeptical, I still decided to order. I bought a black and red striped skirt from Norma Kamali and a black sheer ruffled front top. Both pieces really caught my eye and I knew they would work together creating a no brainer outfit. I must say for the prices, I was pleased with the quality of the pieces 9for right now, we will have to wait and see how they look after the first wash). Although the skirt is polyester it had a little weight to it. I liked that the skirt was full and that the pleats weren’t too tight and structured. I liked how the skirt draped over my hips, however, it was really windy yesterday and the skirt kept flying up showing all my goodies (not a good look).  I’ll be sure to wear it in the summer on a really hot and humid day with no wind. The blouse was thin and sheer but it didn’t feel rough and itchy like some cheap sheer items can feel. I also loved how the sleeves were flowy and giving a batwing effect.

Most importantly both pieces were $15 each. Plus, each piece can work double duty because they can easily be paired with many other items in my wardrobe. I decided to rock my classic tan trench with the outfit and breakout my new black suede side scalloped pumps from Vince Camuto that I scored at Lord and Taylor’s for under $50. I truly love these pumps because they’re not too high and they were pretty comfortable for heels. I actually wore them today on my commute to work and my feet didn’t hurt.
Overall my entire outfit including the trench and the shoes was $100 exactly. That’s what I call style on a budget.

If you like what I’m wearing the skirt and top are still available at Walmart. Just click on the links below