Ok, so, I may be a little late, but if you haven’ already, be sure to pick up the December issue of Black Enterprise. Why? Well, plus size fashion blogger turned MTV TJ Gabi Gregg is on the cover. This fabulous young woman is surely making a name for herself and she’s using social media to do it. This is mega for a blogger to be on the cover of a magazine period. SC loves that Gabi is following her dreams and doing it ever so fashionably. Congrats Gabi!

In the magazine Gabi gives Black Enterprise her tips on how to avoid Twitter mistakes and how to utilize social media.

Here are a couple of Gabi’s tips for utilizing Twitter:

How to have a conversation on Twitter
Yes, Twitter is a great place to let people know what you’re doing. But if that’s all you’re doing, it’s not going to work. “You can’t just go on Twitter and type in the title of your blog post and link to it. Or you can’t just say, ‘Oh, look what’s new here.’ It has to be a conversation. And that’s what’s so amazing about Facebook and Twitter—that you can engage with your audience. You shouldn’t just post something and go on with your day,” Gregg says.

Not targeting your audience
One of the keys to having a successful message is to make sure you’re talking to the right people. Gregg says, “Initially you should search for people in your field, people you want to connect with. Follow them, see what’s up with them, introduce yourself, and that’s how you can really start conversation.” And you can also target individual tweets. “Make sure you’re targeting people who you really think would care about what you’re saying. Then literally direct your tweet so it’ll show up in their mentions. If you @ reply them, they’re more likely to see it.”

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In a world where you have to be thin to be in, one young, fat, and fabulous girl has won the hearts of MTV viewers across the world. At 11:01 PM on Sunday August 8, 2010 fashion blogger Gabi Gregg was announced as MTV’s 1st twitter jockey. The new position will make her the face of MTV on twitter as well as send her to amazing events where she gets to interview celebrities. Gabi beat out 20 finalists for this position. All the finalists had to go through weeks of fun challenges to test their social media skills and MTV relied on twitter votes to narrow down the finalists from 20 to 5. With the support of her fans Gabi made it to the top five.
Last nights show on MTV was the final round for the remaining five contestants who were all hoping to win the $100,000 a year gig, plus a chance to go down in history as MTV’s first ever Twitter Jockey. Throughout the show you could see that Gabi was the favorite because once all the votes were counted she always ended up being number one. After each commercial break a contestant was eliminated until there were the final two. Which was blogger and Justin Beiber look alike Dannielle and of course Gabi.
Within just a few moments, Sway, an MTV veteran announced Gabi Gregg as the new MTV twitter jockey and Gabi was so excited and thankful to her followers and fans. So, what does this mean for Gabi now? It means a world of opportunity is at her feet. We’ve seen MTV jockeys move on to their own radio shows as well as TV shows. On PIX 11 news this morning Gabi announced that her first job will be to cover the VMA’s. With Gabi’s great sense of fashion and body confidence I think she will be inspiring a myriad of young women to finally start loving their bodies and not bashing them. She has a strong voice in social media, so, I expect nothing but great things from her.
Congratulations Gabi!