Anyone who’s anyone in the makeup world, from the pro artist to the makeup geek, knows about Makeup Forever and their fabulous color intense products. Well in following true to form, they’ve launched a New Collection of Lip Gloss cleverly named Lab Shine.

They’ve wowed us again with 35 color rich, super fabulous hues that range from the seasons popular Bordeaux’s and purples (even a black shade: Chrome Onyx Metal Collection – M0) to the always trendy pinks, reds, and tangerines. They come in three finishes, Diamond, Star and METAL!!! Oh yeah!!!!

The Diamond Collection is comprised of 12 shimmery glittery shades that are made with the brands uber fabulous diamond powder. If you’ve never tried their diamond powders, make sure they are on your must have list because those little pots pack a punch. These are the more subtle colors of the collection.

The Star Collection has 14 shades of opalesque pearlescent goodness. They are made with the Star Powders!!! (Another must have)

My fave collection, The Metal Collection, is just sheer ROCK STAR GENIUS (that means awesomeness in my language). It only has 9 shades but the mix of Makeup Forever Metal Powders gives these full coverage glosses an intense, chrome finish!!!!!!

Can you stand to hear more???

According to Sephora: This gloss combines camelina oil and mother-of-pearl particles that reflect light to create incredible shine that adds volume to the lips. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, it provides intense hydration with a non-sticky texture for a noticeably moisturized pout. Its subtle apricot fragrance also adds a sweet scent to your lips.

You can find them on http://www.sephora.com. They are scheduled to appear in stores in February. Retail cost :$18 a tube.

Happy Shopping Makeup Junkies!

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