Last year I had the pleasure and honor of meeting two powerful and exciting women in the fashion industry, Karen Robinovitz and Lori Goldstein. I met them both at Lori Goldstein’s house when she was unveiling her Fall collection for her QVC line Logo Instant Chic by Lori Goldstein. After meeting them I was blown away by their personalities as well as their style. They are truly two amazing accomplished women.

Lori is a legendary stylilst who has been in the business for over 20 years. She has styled just about every celebrity from Madonna to Rihanna. Karen is a marketing genius who has penned two books and is the creatrix behind Purple Lab Cosmetics plus she has amazing personal style.

I thought it would be cool to reach out to these two fabulous industry insiders to get some of their personal and professional styling tips for curvy girls that doesn’t say wear all black and only show your legs.

Here’s a few of their tips:

Lori Goldstein
Photo Credit Glam Chic

Lori’s Tips:

1. Embrace color and patterns. Play with them to make them work for you.

 2. Always try new things. There are no rules for any body type

3. The staples are a great bag, great jewelry, and great shoes

4. A new haircut every season is THE MUST HAVE ACCESSORY (Even if just a trim, new bang, maybe a new shade!!)

5. Secret weapon is altering a sleeve length, skirt length, pant length. Changing a little detail like a button can reinvent your favorite piece from last season to a must have for this season.

Karen Robinovitz
Photo Credit: Karen’s Chictopia Page

Karen’s Tips:

1.First, be confident and embrace your body. So much of style is not about what you wear, but feeling in good in whatever you wear. If you can’t sell it to yourself, you’ll never sell it to anyone else.

2. Know your body type and what silhouettes work on you, regardless of what the trend is.

3. Play with proportion. If you’re wearing a cropped jacket or sweater, pair it with a longer and flowy Tshirt or blouse and then a slimmer pant to create a nice balance.

4. Make sure you have a good bra and that it’s the right size. I can’t tell you how proper support will elongate your look and improve your posture. Get a real fitting!