Lee Lee’s Valise

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About three years ago I received an email from the online plus size store Kiyonna. In that email was an introduction to a new plus size boutique called Lee Lee’s Valise in Brooklyn, NY.  I was so excited and thought, man, somebody stole my idea. The next day I stopped by the Caroll Gardens store and congratulated the owner on doing something wonderful for the world of plus size fashion. I then told every magazine forum I was on that there was a plus size boutique in Brooklyn, that they should check out. Fastforward to now, Lee Lee’s Valise has grown and is doing big things. You can see her store frequently featured on TLC’s What Not To Wear and plus size beauties like Jill Scott has worn pieces directly from her store. Lee Lee’s Valise has been featured on tons of magazines as the go to place for the plus size curvy girls. She even offers exclusive designs on some of her handbags and belts in store. I wanted to share with you some of her new items.

Jill Scott will be wearing this red multi colored floral dress on an upcoming episode of Law& Order SVU
This weekend I decided to revisit the boutique and see what they had to offer. The upscale boutique is moderately to expensively priced with butter soft leathers and the highest quality of silk, cotton, and matte jersey. Plus size designers such as Igigi, Donna Ricco, LuLu (best selling dresses), and a host of others fill the shop with the latest and classic trends.
Lisa is very hands on with her customers honestly telling them what looks good and what should just be put back on the rack. Her husband also gives pretty good insight to what looks good and what doesn’t. The clothes they sell are made in America and of good quality. Many of the dresses are washable and non dry clean.


When asked how they felt about being one of the best plus size stores to go to, they say” If everyone else is a minus then we’re a plus. Otherwise we’re just a store with different sizes just like any other boutique.”

My Verdict: Great store for work dresses and evening events. Although prices are moderate to high, the quality of the material is well worth it. Love the variety of jeggings and skinny jeans.
If you haven’t already go and check Lee Lee’s Valise out. Don’t live in NYC you can also purchase things online at: http://www.leeleesvalise.com/
That’s Lisa (Owner), me, and Lisa’s husband