The Brits really have the US beat.
According to StyleList:
“Britain has launched Just as Beautiful — the first glossy magazine devoted to plus-size women, the Daily Mail reports.

Previously a digital publication, the pro-curves tome just debuted as a bimonthly magazine featuring only models who are a UK size 14 (a US 10) or higher, according to the paper. What´s more, the magazine will reportedly ban dieting tips and airbrushing.

“If you´re a woman over Size 14, you´re likely to be stuck for something to read that doesn´t make you feel like you´re too big or ‘wrong’ because you´re not a Size Zero,” editor Sue Thomason tells readers in the issue.

“We want our readers to know that they don’t need to change their appearance to ‘fit in’ or be truly happy.”

The magazine will feature articles on fashion, cooking, and lifestyle. However, they will be offering exercise tips.
 According to Publisher Ronnie Ajoku, “We might have interviews from plus-size celebrities but they are straightforward interviews and don´t concentrate on their size.”

“The point of the magazine is not to make such a big deal about women´s figures like other magazines do.”

PS, I love that they have a photo of Christina from Musings Of A Fatshionista on the cover asking , “Who are the fatshionista?”

Go Christina!

Here’s what the models look like inside. They are all sized from 14-20

All photos: Dailymail.co.uk