Curvy girl sweetheart Christina hendricks covers the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The red hair creamy milk skin beauty is showing off her now famous curves in a drool worthy spread of jumpsuits, lace, and diamonds.

In an interview with Harpers Bazaar here’s what Christina had to say about the attention around her figure:
“When the attention started to be about my figure, I was surprised, because it wasn’t something I was focused on. And then it became very positive, and people were saying very nice things.”

Christina has also inspired other women to embrace their curves, here’s what a fan once told her
“‘Excuse me, I just want to tell you that I watch your show, and you make me feel better about myself. I am a curvy woman, and you’ve made me feel sexy and beautiful.’ I got teary eyed.” Christina tears up again at the memory. “I remember Geoffrey saying, ‘That’s what you’re doing for people. That’s amazing.’ And I said, ‘I’m just trying to be a good actress and trying to tell a story, but if this is the sidebar, all this positivity, then that is awesome.'”

Checkout Christina’s spread.

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