OK, I know you’ve probably already read about H&M’s new plus size collection that’s going to go  up to US size 24. When H&M first came to the states, their plus size line was nothing less than, how can I put it? A hot mess! The shapes were unflattering and the styles were a snooze with bland over sized t-shirts. However the smaller plus size girls, were able to get away with H&M’s more stylish pieces in sizes 12-16. No matter how much I despised the plus size section in H&M I have to admit that I was a bit perturbed when they took it away for good.

Now H&M has decided to make a comeback with their plus sizes and it is definitely a crowd pleaser. The new plus size collection is vibrant with color, intriguing with dainty details, and shapes that are sure to make a plus size girl be proud of her curves. My only disappointment is that the clothes will not be available in store. They will only be available on line. I mean come on people, I want to try clothes on just like everyone else without having to pay the over priced shipping fee. I’m quite sure H&M can clear out some space in a few of their already over stuffed retail stores to make way for the curvy girls. Forever21 did it so can they.

 Nevertheless, I am quite ecstatic for the plus size community to have another stylish and trendy place to shop and kudos to H&M for using actual plus size models and finally designing clothes that embraces curves rather than hide them.

*The collection will be available online in March only in the UK (That Sucks!).

Checkout a few pics from H&M’s plus size line and tell SC what you think.

Photo and story credit-Madison Plus