Hey curvy girls all over the world,
It has been brought to my attention that actress Gabrielle Union is putting the finishing touches on her plus size clothing line (mouth wide opened). The line will be called “Love & Blessings by Gabrielle.” This is a very big surprise since Gabrielle is not a plus size woman and has never expressed  (at least to my knowledge) a desire for designing clothes. I mean, she is a red carpet darling but, a designer, hmmm!

According to YBF Gabrielle says:
“It’s not completely solidified yet so I shouldn’t really be talking about it. But it’s been 4 years in the making.”
But we still managed to squeeze out her inspiration behind the line. The “FlashForward” actress tells YBF:
“My sister is very full figured. And she’s constantly telling me how going out is so hard. Mainly because it is so difficult to find clothes that look great for her size. ‘Everyday’ black women don’t have much to choose from when looking for designers who will fit their bodies. So I want to make clothes for women at any and all sizes that look absolutely great on them.”

She is looking to shop the line to QVC or HSN. I can’t help but to wonder what a Gabrielle Union line would look like. Hopefully she included her plus size sister in the designing of the line and more importantly I hope her sister has amazing taste if she was included in the design process. This is a big step for an actress, especially a black actress. Dressing for the red carpet is one thing, but designing clothes is a whole other realm.

Do you think she will deliver?

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