Hey curvy girls all over the world,

Crystal Renn sits down with the Today show to explain why she looked so thin in those fashion for passion photos and why she has been losing weight. I can’t say that she needs to explain herself to anyone, but, I am glad she did. I get the feeling she may still be struggling with body issues, but, doesn’t that come with the modeling territory? However, she does stand firm on wanting to present a healthy body image. 

What are your thoughts on her explanation?


Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Have you checked out Mod Cloth lately? If not, you need to scurry on over to the vintage style fashion site and grab up some of the cutest little dresses that are now available in additional sizes aka plus sizes. All the items pictured go up to a size 3X. They even have some very cute Marilyn Monroe-esque halter bathing suits.

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Hey curvy girls all over the world,
During my daily Internet cruise I found a cute little site called Fushia Love that caters to the plus size curvy girl . The site offers trendy everyday and evening pieces in sizes 1X-3X as well as in sizes 14W-24W. You can expect to find cute little summer dresses, skirts, and colored skinny jeans. They even offer an impressive range of accessories too. What I like about this site so far is their choice of clothing. They’re offering colorful prints, classic and trendy silhouttes, and the clothes seem young and fun without looking childish.

As a curvy girl I think that it’s always great to have a new place to shop for clothes because it adds variety to your wardrobe. I love their tag line which reads “Fabulosity For The Plus Sized World”

According to the site Fushia Love is:
As a small company, we are committed to bring the vision of fabulousity to the plus size world of fashion. By understanding the needs of our customers in this forever changing time, we aim to bring an excitement to the full figured woman. Our clothes will put the omph back into sexy and erase the stigma of how a woman with curves should look. With the average woman in mind, Fushia Love wants to give you everything you’ve been longing for….Love
Checkout a few of their pieces. You can also go to FushiaLove to purchase.
What do you think about the clothes?