One of the hottest outerwear items for Fall is the waterfall aka draped jacket. This piece is a must have especially if you are looking to update your boring old jackets or if you ‘re just tired of wearing the same old trench. We know how exhausting it can be trying to find the right outerwear piece to help you transition into the cooler weather and this piece is the perfect transitional piece. We love the waterfall jacket because it stands out on it’s own. It instantly adds interest to anything you pair it with. The drapery of the jacket is a flattering touch to any figure. This piece is great over a dress or over a sequin tank and a pair of skinny jeans.
On the search for your very own waterfall jacket? SC has you covered with 5 options that are sure to make you forget all about that boring old trench.



Hey curvy girls all over the world,

If you love Aldo’s shoes, then you’ll love their new sister brand “Call It Spring Shoes.” Call It Spring Shoes is the more affordable version of Aldo shoes. Last week SC was invited by Shine Media PR and Call It Spring to checkout the new store on 34th street inside the Manhattan Mall.

By the time I arrived to the mall it was flooded with fashion bloggers, journalists, and editor’s checking out what the new line had to offer. I should probably add that the place was packed because all who attended received a $150 giftcard to use right then and there in the store to purchase shoes. I know! It was mayhem.

We all know that Aldo’s can be a bit over priced and for me most times their shoes hurt my feet, so, I was intrigued at the thought of them doing a cheaper line and possibly hoping that they wouldn’t be as painful as some of Aldo’s shoes are. As I perused down the aisle checking out the shoes I noticed that there were a lot of runway trends like military style ankle boots, classic multi colored pumps, as well as an assortment of evening shoes.

Call It Spring shoes kind of reminded me of Baker’s shoes. You know, the shoe spot you go to when you’re looking for cute cheap shoes that are similar to designer styles. After checking out their selection, I did find a few pair that didn’t hurt and looked really good on my feet. The shoes were sized up to a 41 which in US sizes could mean a 10 or an 11. I’m a true 9.5, but always by a size bigger for comfort so the 40 fit me just fine.

Overall the event was tons of fun and the shoes were super cute.
Check them out for yourselves and let SC know what you think. All shoes here are available for purchase on their website at My Spring Shoes

This is how long the line was
I got my shoes and I didn’t have throw down for them (JK) It was well worth the wait

Here’s what’s in my bag, (I’ve worn all 3 already).
They can be purchased HERE



So far I’ve been having an awesome holiday weekend. It’s been non stop partying. The other night I went out with one of my closest friends and  I decided to mix up two of my favorite Fall trends. I love this leopard print mini because it is so comfortable. Although it’s fitted it doesn’t feel restrictive. Believe it or not, I got this oversized lace top this week from Old Navy ( I know!) . Now, I’m not an avid ON shopper, but, I do go in there from time time and I must say that this Fall season they have been paying attention to what’s on the runways.
When I put this outfit on I felt super chic and sexy. I was going to put a tank under the top, but, I said screw it and I danced the night away.

What I’m Wearing
Lace top-Old Navy
Skirt-Faith 21
Shoes-Gifted by Call it Spring Shoes
Necklace-Gifted by Call it Spring Shoes
Bracelet- Gifted by Loft