If you haven’t read the latest issue of Plus Model Magazine than you are missing out on some really HOT fashion. Plus Model Mag always delivers and in their November issue they have introduced  the curvy community to plus size line F3.

F3 is designed  by Shuchi and Anjula Sharma, two dope stylists behind styling group Material Thangs. Shuchi and Anjula have been in the fashion industry styling the hottest celebrities, music artists, and their styling can be found in countless magazines.

As anyone with eyes can see, the plus size fashion industry is lacking fashionable clothes for the fashion forward woman who wants trendy and youthful looking clothes. Luckily Anjula and Shuchi saw the same thing and decided to come up with their very own line called Full Figured Fashion or F3 for short.

The fashion duo is no stranger to the plus size industry. They worked with NYU’s hospital for surgical weight loss helping patients who lost hundreds of pounds find fashionable clothing for their shape. They also worked with plus size music artists Jill Scott and Jazmin Sullivan. To further their portfolio in the plus size fashion industry Anjula and Shuchi has collaborated on photo shoots for Whilimena Modeling agency. They have teamed up with independent designers such as Project Runway contestant Qristal Frazier and establish brand Igigi.com. But wait, it doesn’t stop there, Anjula and Shuchi have worked with plus size industry big wigs like Lane Bryant and Sonsi.com.

In my own words, this line is what the plus size fashion industry needs. It speaks to the curvy confident fashion forward young woman of today who wants to make a statement with her clothes, who wants to follow the trends, and not fall victim to the same old boring plus size fashion. Basically, the designs are HOT! SC is loving the exaggerated leather puff sleeves and the metallic dress. F3 you have our attention. Can’t wait to see what’s next in the collection.

Material Thangs decided to work with Plus Model Magazine to show off their F3 line as well as their dope styling skills in the November issue of Plus Model Magazine. If you haven’t checked it out yet, than you need to click on this link HERE and drool over the amazing editorial.

Checkout more F3 pieces on their website F3. What do you think of the new line?