Since August is the start of back to school shopping, I thought about what is the first thing girls buy when it comes to school shopping. During my school days, the first thing I went for were a pair of great jeans. Which made me come up with the title “If I were A Student In The 70’s” because the 70’s were the best era for jeans.
If I were a student in the 70’s I think this outfit would be something that I would have worn during that era. The 70’s is one of my favorite decades. The music, the clothes, the politics. Everything about that era was just inspiring. I got this top from my favorite resale store in Brooklyn, which is ReDress NYC. I was immediately drawn to the pattern.

I love the vintage look it gives so I decided to go the extra mile and wear it with a pair of wide leg trouser jeans that I bought from Torrid last year. I added some purple chandelier style earrings and a cuff bracelet. After putting everything together all I could think was that it looked like something from the 70’s. All I needed was an afro.
All I was missing from this look was an extra platform on my shoes with a real fish swimming around, lol.
What I’m Wearing
Top: Liz Claiborne via ReDress NYC
Jeans: Z. Cavaracci
Shoes: Nina
Earrings: H&M
Bracelet-Passed on to me from my auntie (RIP)



Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Last week I was invited to preview a new jean line called Curve Appeal. As a curvy girl I am always looking for a great pair of jeans, as if I don’t have enough already. I decided to go and checkout this new jean line called Curve Appeal to see what they had to offer a curvy girl. To my surprise, the jeans are designed to enhance your curves. Say what, this is a jean company not looking to make your curves smaller or disappear? I was intrigued.
Curve Appeal Says:
The jeans have a built in shapewear that includes front panels to slim the waist and a built-in bottom booster to lift and sculpt. They are the first to bring this age-defying and body defying technology to market. The jeans are offered in a variety of washed and in three core  silhouettes which are Enchanting Skinny, Captivating Boot Cut, and Gorgeous Straight Leg. They retail for about $88 and go up to a size 16.
SC’s Two Cents:
I was a little disappointed that the jeans only stopped at a size 16. With a name like Curve Appeal, why wouldn’t you appeal to the plus size curvy girls? Nevertheless, they are appealing to curvy girls above a size 12, so, kudos to them for that. You know, I had to ask if they were going to add sizes above a 16, and the answer was yes. They are hoping to have larger sizes by Fall 2011. As for the fit, they looked great on the model and even gave her a little booty. I also liked that the jeans did not come up all the way to your breast like “Not Your Daughters Jeans” and they were premium stretch with recovery. This way, after a few wears the jeans will go back to it’s original shape and not become droopy or baggy like some of Old Navy’s jeans. The overall look of the jeans were basic yet modern due to the back pocket crystal embellishments. The built in shapewear didn’t look bulky or overly restrictive. 
 If you are a curvy girl who likes her denim classic but well fitted, then you may want to try these out.
Built in Shapewear


The Curve Appeal line will be in stores next month. I have ordered a pair courtesy of Curve Appeal, so check back next month for another review.

 Here are a few pics of the jeans

Straight Leg