>Letting It All Hang Out!


So, the weather seems to be heating up. As we all know this is the time when females come out of the wood work and the battle of who can show the most skin commences. Oh, how I love this battle. You see the girls with there thigh high mini skirts and completely backless halter tops on. You see some girls with coochie cutter (Phrase from back in the day when girls wore tight short shorts) shorts on, hello camel toe. Some of these women manage to look nice nearly naked and others, well, there is nothing else to say but others, just need to go back home and take a second look in the mirror.

Well, this summer, I want to get nearly naked too. Just kidding! I want to show a little more skin. Usually I am the kind of girl who is a blend of conservativeness and chicness (I know these are not real words). This summer I want to let it all hang out. Of course in good taste. I want mini skirts with come hither heels and halter tops with plunging neck lines. I am ready to breakout of my shell and release a new me the lioness that has been weighed down with short sleeve cardigans, buttoned down shirts, and plain tees. I am going for a Rihanna/Beyonce kind of look. Young and sexy.

On my quest, I have found a couple of starter pieces. Check out the ruffle denim skirt from Torrid. I am also going to try this color block top from Evans with some leggings and sky high black heels.