Plus Size model Crystal Renn snags another bona fide star making campaign and this time it’s Mr. Jimmy Choo. The controversial plus size model is the face of Jimmy Choo’s Spring 2011 campaign and she looks amazing as usual. Along with Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier, Jimmy Choo is a big time ad campaign that straight size models can only dream to achieve. Despite what we may think about her being considered a plus size model, the girl has proven time and time again that she can model with the best of them.

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>Beth Ditto, Crystal Renn, and Marquita Pring all represented for curvy women by walking the runway for Jean Paul Gaultiers Spring 2011 show. Beth Ditto who is unapologetic about her size and embraces her body opened and closed the show. There was a beaming light upon her as she confidently strutted down the runway. While

Beth may have opened up the show, models Crystal Renn and Marquita Pring did what models do best, gave their best face and walked in edgy rocker chic pieces from the Spring collection

Photos: Skinny VS Curvy & Socialite Life 



Crystal Renn has had an amazing year. The newly slim plus size beauty was seen walking the Zac Posen Z Spoke runway at 2010’s MBFW.
According to the Huffington Post: In an interview with People, Crystal says, “I’m freaking out. Zac is one of the ones you want. Zac, Calvin and Marc are the big three. I booked one of my three.” She said Posen “wants women to be able to fit [into his clothes] and to be able to buy them. They’re making the clothes for my size and everything. This is how fashion should be.”
With Chanel under her modeling belt, Crystal is becoming a force to be reckoned with. She is making the fashion world take notice of how beautiful curves are and that curvy girls can rock the runways too. What I love most about this picture is that she is in a bright yellow onesie. A piece that the who’s who of fashion would say that a curvy woman should steer clear from.

If you remember, I did a post a few months back about Zac Posen (You can read here) saying he wanted to do a line that includes size 16. Hearing Crystal say that Zac wants curvy women to be able to fit his clothes gives me high hopes that one day a size 18 can walk down the street in an outfit by Zac Posen.



Despite weight controversy Crystal Renn is still the reigning plus size model who is breaking barriers and has shattered that glass ceiling for plus size models. If you are not a fan, you have to give credit where credit is due. One of the most coveted design houses to get an ad campaign with is Chanel and Crystal can now cross that goal off her list. Crystal is the face of one of Chanel’s Fall 2010 ad campaigns and as usual she looks beautiful.
However, one does have to ask the question, is old Lagerfeld changing his mind about the curvy girl? Or is he only trying to incorporate us because of all the buzz curvy girls are receiving in fashion right now? I for one will not get my hopes up until I see sizes 16+ under the Chanel tag in his designs.
What are your thoughts on Crystal’s Chanel ad?



Hey curvy girls all over the world,

Crystal Renn sits down with the Today show to explain why she looked so thin in those fashion for passion photos and why she has been losing weight. I can’t say that she needs to explain herself to anyone, but, I am glad she did. I get the feeling she may still be struggling with body issues, but, doesn’t that come with the modeling territory? However, she does stand firm on wanting to present a healthy body image. 

What are your thoughts on her explanation?



Hey curvy girls,

Today’s curvy conversation is about Crystal Renn’s photo for a nonprofit organization. I was reading the Ford Models blog and came across this photo of Crystal Renn shot by photographer Nicholas Routzen for his booster campaign for children and the arts. There is some controversy stirring over this photo for the obvious reason that Crystal looks super thin in this photo. Also, the photo in my opinion looks a little scary. The dark makeup, the hand on the mouth, doesn’t scream fashion for passion to me. The point of the photo is to also advertise the silk screen t-shirt Crystal is wearing.

 At this point Crystal should not even be considered plus size anymore. In my opinion I think that is what her agent is working towards. Why are plus size models getting smaller? It seems that they come into this business at a 12 or above and as they get successful they start to shrink. It has been said that Crystal is losing weight because she is an active girl, sorry, but, I do not believe that for one second. I believe as she is becoming more successful, designers are probably putting on the pressure to lose a little weight, and she is obliging them. Crystal is a beautiful girl which is no wonder why designers want her. However, this is not what the plus size woman looks like.

I thought you guys would like to discuss this photo amongst yourself. I want to read your thoughts. Don’t be shy, just be respectful.

Do you think Crystal is looking so thin these days do to an active lifestyle or is it to further her career as a model?

For more on the story checkout the Ford Models blog here.