One of my favorite things to buy when Fall arrives are leather gloves. My obsession started back in 1999 when I found my first red pair on sale for $14.95 at TJMaxx. I prefer colorful leather gloves opposed to black ones because they automatically make you standout. I can’t tell you how many times a cashier or someone on the street has stopped me to compliment me on a pair of my vibrant colored gloves.

 Last year, I lost my favorite pair of leather gloves. Since gloves are one of those items that can easily be lost like sunglasses, I try not to pay too much for them. The max for me is $50, which is why I was extra heart broken when I lost my green argyle gloves that cost $50 and the fact that I managed to keep them for 3 years. Now, there have been times when I lost one of them and everytime I would lose one glove, somehow it found it’s way back to me. Once I left one glove in a Duane Reade in Manhattan and didn’t realize it until I got all the way to Brooklyn. I immediately called the Duane Reade and asked if they had seen it and to my surprise they had it. The next day we were reunited and it felt so good.

This weekend, I was thinking about my beloved green argyle leather gloves and decided to start a search for a new pair of colorful leather gloves. You might be thinking to yourself: Why leather? Because it’s just something about that butter soft feeling. Why colorful ones? Because they spice up outerwear and make you standout. Plus, they look so chic peaking out from your coat sleeve. I am a super fan of long leather gloves because they’re so dramatic. I also like when other fabrics are combined with the leather it makes the gloves that much more unique.

I wanted to share with you some of the styles I was checking out and hey, who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to get you a pair.

Here are my picks: