Kicking off the new year with curvy girl fierceness is none other than Queen Latifah. The 37th annual People’s Choice Award host was interviewed by Parade magazine on her career and personal experiences in the entrtainment industry. Queen also does a pretty nice fashion spread in the magazine rocking a black sequin Donna Morgan dress.

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A few excerpts from the article:
FORGING YOUR OWN PATH CAN BE LONELY “My parents raised me to stand up for myself. If there was something I believed in, I had to fight for it. As a pioneer, sometimes I had to stand alone. You just have to believe in your own ideas.”

“I’ve watched a lot of people in this business kind of freak out looking at the economy. I guess if you’re used to having all the money in the world, you don’t see how to make things work in bad times. But if you built things from the ground up, you’re used to creating with less. We saw it coming and looked at it as a time to be creative. We’ve gotten so much accomplished behind the scenes in the last year–in film, music, television, Web content, food and beverage, and clothing–that I can’t wait to see things come to fruition. The good thing about doing what I do is that if it’s not already there, hopefully I can create it. Maybe I’ll even make [my own drink]–Queen La-tea-fah!”

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