Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Well, it’s another day at the office and I decided to wear one of my fave colors today, cobalt blue. I figured the bright color would keep me energized for the day since it’s so busy. My co-workers always get excited when I ask them to take pics of me in the office for my blog. Sometimes I get a little stinky with them when I want them to act like it’s a photo shoot. They always look at me like, Alissa, please, we are at work not a photography studio. LOL! It’s hump day so, the week’s almost over.

What I’m wearing
Boots-Steve Madden
Earrings-Call It Spring



So, I decided to bore you guys with another work outfit today :). because you don’t always have to opt for a blazer or cardigan to wear with dresses or skirts. I think it’s always good to mix things up. Which is why I wear this anorak with dresses. One of the top 5 pieces in my closet is this anorak that I got from H&M’s garden collection back in March. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with this thing, but, I wear it with everything from leggings to skirts to sweats. A few of my friends have told me that it doesn’t go with everything, but, I ignore them (I know it doesn’t, but who cares). I mainly like wearing this anorak with dresses because it so unexpected. I wore it to work this week as an outfit not just as a jacket.

This Fall season, I plan to wear more military jackets with my dresses and skirts to individualize my looks. I know I may get some looks that read, “what is she wearing?” but, that’s just me and my personal style. I don’t have to follow anyone else’s. I got this dress from Faith 21 on a rainy day when I was bored. I bought it so I could layer other things over it. Yes, it’s basic, but, the color is awesome. I love me some cobalt blue and I also was drawn to the the criss cross detail on the back.

Outfit breakdown-Anorak-H&M, Dress-Faith21, Shoes-Michael Kors, Watch-Michael Kors, Belt-NY&CO, Bracelet-Loft (Gifted), earrings-H&M



I really hate when straight size designers don’t advertise their plus size collections, because unless you know about them, then you miss out on some great pieces. If you follow me on twitter or FB then you’ve probably read my posts and tweets about Calvin Klein’s simple yet chic Fall collection. I’ve been tweeting and sending pics from his collection for the past month. I bought this super chic dress from Lord & Taylor because I needed a few new pieces to wear to work. This dress is my 3rd piece from Calvin Klein’s Fall collection, which I must say again is super chic.

I love this dress because it is completely different from the ordinary bland sheath dresses. First, I love the black and brown zebra print and I love that it has a tie waist and darted pleats at the neck. As soon as I put it on, I felt sexy and powerful. I’m ready for the board room
Outfit Breakdown, Dress-Calvin Klein, Shoes-Spring, Watch-Michael Kors, Bracelet-Loft (Gifted), Ring-The Limited, Earrings-H&M



Hey curvy girls all over the world,
It’s only Tuesday and I am already tired and slightly stressed out from work. At least I have going to Baltimore this weekend to look forward to.  The weather has done a 180 and it’s a bit chilly in NYC. I must admit that I was a little glad about it because it gave me a chance to wear my new striped blazer.
I got this blazer as a gift from Jessica London for attending their blogger conference (post to come later about that). As always I have to keep it real with you. I have never shopped at Jessica London because I thought they were for the more mature crowd who likes ribbed turtlenecks in every color in the crayon box.
I was attending the conference for another blog, but, as always, I am open minded to companies who want to make better clothes for the plus size community and understand our fashionable needs. After the conference was over, the group of bloggers who attended were told that we could order anything we wanted from the Fall catalogue. I was skeptical because once again, their past collections were not my taste or for my age group ( So, I thought). Since I’m in that age group where I am not 21 anymore but I’m not 40 either, I am very careful about the pieces I choose, because I want to look my age.
While, I do not like everything from Jessica London, I did find a couple of nice pieces (like this blazer) that I can work into my wardrobe. The stripes and side paneling of polka dots is what drew me to this blazer. When I first saw it in their catalogue, I was like no, this is not going to work, but, then I stared at it and said, why not give it a try. It reminded me of the old Ralph Lauren striped blazers.
To make it fit my style, I am wearing it with skinny black jeans, my pink gladiator sandals, and a basic v-neck tee. I chose a charm necklace to make the look a little more interesting. This weekend I am going to take the blazer to the tailor and have him take it in a little bit on the sides and in the arms for a fitted look. I will rock the blazer again with a mini pencil skirt to switch it up.
As Tim Gunn always says, sometimes you have to make things work. I rolled up the sleeves and popped the collar to add a little flavor to the blazer.
What do you guys think about the blazer?
What I’m Wearing:
Blazer-Jessica London
Skinny Jeans-ASOS
T-shirt-Old Navy
Shoes- Mixx Schuz