Well, it’s the last week of 2010 and this week SC is taking a look back at the curvy celebrities that inspired you with their personal style and self confidence. We covered a lot of curvy girl style and these Hollywood stars were serving up some of the hottest styles out there for curvy women. They didn’t wear things that covered them up or blend in with everyone else. These curvy celebs showed us how to wear trends, look classic, and show off our curves.

 We want you to vote on which curvy celebrity had the best style in 2010. Was it America Ferrera with her sultry chic dresses? Was it Amber or Hayley who represented for the trendy curvy girls? Or was it Queen Latifah and Raven Symone who showed off their new svelte figures in body con dresses and skinny jeans.

You Decide!





 It seems like these days every curvy celebrity is shedding major weight. From America Ferrera to Jennifer Hudson our favorite curvy celebrities have all gotten healthy. When asked what’s the reasoning behind the weightloss everyone has the same story. They were not really happy with the size they were before. On a recent episode of Wendy Williams Kelly Osbourne told some painful stories of how she was teased and ridiculed about her weight and that it made her unhappy. It took her run on “Dancing With The Stars” to realize she could lose weight and have a body she was happy with. In a Weight Watcher’s commercial Jennifer Hudson says how happy she is that she doesn’t have to stand in front of people and not suck anything in and how she is the smallest she’s ever been in her adult life.

Are celebrity weight losses making you realize how unhappy you really are with your body? Are they making you feel like you need to get healthy too?



In this round of Curvy Girl Style Battle Kim Kardashian is bringing the heat in a curve hugging peach and gray strapless dress while promoting her new perfume and America Ferrara is keeping things bright and chic in a one shoulder Catherine Malandrino side draped dress at the screening of Dry Land.
You vote who’s look is the best
Kim Kardashian
America Ferrara

Photos: People.com