Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Instyle magazine is doing a series with 3 of their staff members called, “Shop Like A Fashion Editor.” The three editors are given a budget of $400, $2,000, and $4,000 to spend over the course of four months. Each of the editors share their monthly fashion inspirations and buy items according to what they were inspired by. After reading the the March issue I became inspired by this series and have decided to make this a personal challenge and to document it right here on Stylish Curves.
This is the perfect time for me to do this because I’m still deciding on what I would like my spring wardrobe to look like. Every spring season I feel like I have no clothes. At the end of the season I can pack everything away in one medium size bin which always makes me wonder how I got through the season with such a small amount of clothes.

I will be taking on the $400 budget. The same budget that Instyle’s Market Editor Erin Sumwalt (pictured above) is doing. The $400 breaks down to only spending $100 a month on clothes, shoes, and accessories. I’m excited about the challenge because it will help me to only buy what I love and need. Most importantly, this challenge will help me to save some much needed cash.

How the challenge works
For the next four months, each time I purchase something I will post it here on Stylish Curves and keep a tally for each month. I’m relying on the honor system so you guys can trust that I will only spend $100 a month and if I go over you can count on me telling you, but, the point is to stick to the budget (pray for me!).

My personal spring fashion goals
I’m such a sucker for simple looks in bright colors that this spring season my goal is to wear more prints. Right now I’m obsessed with animal prints, but, I actually want to wear more florals. I am truly not a floral print fan, but, for some reason I’m liking the big bold floral prints. I feel like they are less dizzy looking (You can read about large floral prints in my previous post here).

Loved Vanessa Hudgen’s 70’s style spread in the March issue of Instyle

In case you didn’t know my favorite fashion era is the 70’s. I’m a sucker for jumpsuits, wide leg trousers, frilly sheer tops, and sky high heels. I’m hoping to incorporate some of that into my spring wardrobe too. I also would like to accessorize more. I want more cocktail rings, large shoulder skimming earrings, colorful belts, straw hats, and big bangles. My blazer section in my closet is looking kind of weak so before the heat hits I would like to add some new blazers to my wardrobe. Preferably one or three button blazers. I’m hoping to score a striped blazer like the one from Alice & Olivia.

A few more pics of my inspirations. Wide leg trousers are so 70’s and this bold floral print dress from Etro is nothing short of chic.

OK, I think that’s it. Here goes! Wish me luck!

Kicking off the challenge, today I was perusing the Walmart site and found this Norma Kamali animal print dress for $20. I love the silhouette and the draped neck. I also  like that the animal print is nice and big. A true statement piece. I could wear this with a blazer for work and wear it with a sexy pair of heels for dinner with my gentlemen caller.

What do you guys think about my first purchase?

**Please not that this is a personal challenge and I do not have any affiliations with Instyle magazine.



OK, so floral prints are a no brainer for spring. Nevertheless, we are loving the large bold floral prints that came down the spring runways of Etro, Jil Sander, and D&G. Sometimes floral prints can be extremely scary. Especially when not worn the right way, but they can also be chic and sophisticated when worn the right way. Large floral prints are statement making and ultra feminine. SC thinks this is a perfect look for curvy girls to rock for that upcoming spring/summer wedding or for a chic spring get together.

To make sure that you are not looking like an order from 1-800 flowers, we suggest pairing a large floral print dress with a super cute leather cropped jacket like this one from Sears

 to add some edginess. For the curvy girl who doesn’t mind large statement making floral prints we recommend that you pair this large print with a neutral pair of shoes like these super cute natural colored Pierre Dumas sandals

to balance out the boldness.

Baby Phat One Shoulder Ruched Dress $41.30
Baby Phat Removeable Strap Floral Printed Dress $69.00
ASOS Curve Floral Workwear Dress $50.20
EVANS Tulip Printed Tunic $60
Yours Clothing Cream Floral Top $54



As plus size women we have to be creative when it comes to shopping in order to broaden our personal style. Every now and again we have to venture into straight size stores to see what new styles they have. As I advocate on this blog, sometimes you have to focus on the cut and not the size when you’re not shopping in plus size stores in order to get some of the trends and looks that plus size brands don’t carry. You never know what goodies you may find.

Today I wanted to share with you a few spring pieces that I love from American Eagle. Aside from carrying jeans and super cute tees, surprisingly American Eagle has a pretty nice collection of dresses, blazers, and bags. While I can’t fit any of their jeans because they’re all low rise and do not accommodate my voluptuous hips and derriere, I do love buying their girlie tops and feminine blazers. In case you didn’t know, American Eagle goes up to a size 18 and XXL in their clothes. For this spring season I’m coveting quite a few of their pieces to update my wardrobe and the best part is that they’re all under $40.

 1. Ikat Print Scarf, $19.50

 2. Striped Strapless Dress, $34.50

3. White Corset Tube Dress, $39.50

4. Striped Schoolboy Blazer, $39.95

5. FEED tote bag, 39.50

6. Aerie Yellow Open Stitch Nautical Sweater, $33.37

7. AE Camp Shirt, $34.50