Yesterday I pulled out an old favorite, my tie neck blouse I bought last fall. I had an event to go to yesterday evening and I wanted to wear a top that was sheer and light enough to go under my sequin waiter jacket that was gifted to me from Nordstrom’s new plus collection Sejour. I also wore my pink lipstick from MAC, “Girl About Town” which I just love. I normally only put a dab on because I’m afraid of the brightness, but, after reading Coco and Creme’s article A New Era for the Darker Girl about dark skin women wearing bright makeup, I decided to put on a little more than usual so the color would show. What do you guys think, too much?

I had such a long day yesterday that I was glad I wore light pieces that were comfortable.  This snow is driving me crazy. I have to keep my heels in my bag for indoors and stomp around in my big old Timberland snow boots when traveling to and from. Hope you guys are hanging in there. I heard the groundhog saw his shadow and spring is coming early or is it the other way around? I don’t really believe in that, but after the weekly snow storms we’ve been having, I sure am hoping spring comes early and stays for awhile.
What I’m wearing
Sequin Jacket-Sejour
Shoes-Vince Camuto
Watch-Michael Kors

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