2010 has been a great year for plus size fashion. Online retailers have stepped up their style game and started making and carrying clothes that were trendy, youthful, and fresh. Let SC know which of these 7 online retailers have you blown a paycheck on or have a closet full of their clothes.

Evans, ASOS Curve, Faith21Plus, Eshakti, Lucie Lu, Igigi, One Stop Plus

5 thoughts on “>2010’s BEST PLUS SIZE ONLINE RETAILER

  1. >for me, the choice was between asos curves and F21. asos curves has so many classic, yet trendy pieces. F21 was ultra-trendy but more accessible and affordable. I wound up buying more pieces from F21 because of that huge F21 in times sq and the prices. I never felt guilty coming home with bags from F21. and I had so many pieces to choose from so I didn't have to worry about buying an outfit straight off of the mannequin or seeing a massive amount of women in the F21 outfit of the week.

  2. >quick addendum. I know that this was a question of best online retailer but for me, having an accessible physical store is an added bonus. the biggest downside of online shopping is not knowing what to expect of the material, the fit, etc. plus, returning items is so much easier if you have the option of dropping them off at the store and possibly seeing something better right then.

  3. >I've become a huge fan of eShakti this year and am building up my collection of their clothes. I love their use of natural fibers and their wide range of styles. Philosophically, I also appreciate the fact that they don't segregate "plus sizes" into their own section; all styles are available in all sizes. Why don't more retailers do that?

  4. >Hi, I just discovered your blog and I really like. I am also a "curvy gal" and a few of these designers I will have to check out.I really like Anna Scholz so I guess I will place a vote there.I will add you to my blog list! Great work…

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