This summer I found this super cute animal print dress at H&M. I loved the silhouette of the dress because it was fitted at the top and full at the bottom. I was intrigued by the ruffle neck color and loose pleating on the side of the hips that created a slight balloon effect. I thought it would be a great dress to transition into the Fall.
 I used to be afraid of prints, but, I realized prints are your friend. I love wearing prints with a solid color which is why I decided to wear the dress with my velvet ruffled jacket that I got from Express way back in 2000. This is when Express was a true curvy girl friendly store. I used to wear this jacket all the time. It used to zip all the way up, but, now I’m lucky if I can zip it past my stomach , which is why I wear it open. I liked this look because it made me feel confident and chic. 

What I’m wearing
Dress: H&M
Shoes:Nine West
Cuff-Loft (gifted)
Earrings: H&M


  1. >I love getting to see you in your office. And your outfit is particularly lovely today. Do you not have any trouble wearing dresses that short in the office (I don't remember what your day job is). At our office everything pretty much needs to hit your knee to be acceptable.

  2. >@Asha-LOL, I wear a long coat at flat tall boots when traveling. I kkep my shoes in my bag when I'm going out.@Tina-It is definitely too short for work. the day I wore it I was going out and thought I could get away with it by wearing stockings. Uh, no! I was wrong. LOL!

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