Hey curvy girls all over the world,
Looking for a new winter coat? Well, take a few notes from Halle Berry. She was spotted outside the Good Morning America Studios looking super warm and chic in a gray high neck tie waist wool coat. For many of us we like coats in bright colors for the winter, but, a black or gray coat can be a standout with just the right details.We love how Halle”s coat has a high neck and buttons on the side. The tie waist shows off Halle’s waist and breaks up the bulkiness of the coat.
Get a similar look for your curves with this uber chic wool coat from ASOS Curve. We like that this ASOS Curve coat has some interesting details like the funnel neckline with twin epaulettes and structured pleated shoulder. This is the perfect coat to make you look chic and warm for the colder months. Plus, your friends will be glad that you gave that bright red coat a rest.
As SC always say, curvy girls can look just as good as the slim girls do.

Get the look!

*For my new followers, skinny girl fashion for curves is a feature that SC does where we take slender celebrity looks and show you how to recreate it for your curves. I have been doing this feature since I started blogging back in June of 2009.


  1. >@teamjacob-Hmm! I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. ASOS Curve clothes are known to not look all that great on their models. However, I think the ASOS coat stands out because of the epaulettes, the strong balmain like shoulder and the funnel neck. You don't see alot of plus size coats with details like that.

  2. >LOVE this coat and specifically asked my mom to get it for me, for bday/xmas gift. *whispering* My sister hinted that she got it. This coat is the deal! It is so contemporary and stylish.

  3. >yeah SC, it seems as if asos puts their plus sized models in larger sizes, sizes even too big for them. it makes no sense to me. this coat looks about 2 sizes too big for the model. all that aside, it is a great coat. i just don't know how well it will stand up to a nyc winter. i'd need enough room to be able to layer but not so much bulk as to make it difficult to manuever on the train. i'd love to see a real person in this.

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