Hey curvy girls all over the world,
I’ve been a reader of Lucky magazine since 2001 and very few times have I ever seen anything plus size in their magazine. Last week I tweeted to @luckymagazine that they needed to show more plus size clothes and models. Little did I know that they were already a step ahead of me. Last Friday I picked up the January issue of Lucky magazine at the newsstand and I was shocked to see plus size model Maiysha in the “What works for me” column of the magazine.

They dressed Maiysha in pieces from Lane Bryant, Faith21 Plus, and Banana Republic. While she looked great and the magazine did offer good styling tips to flatter your figure, it would be nice to see a feature that reads how to embrace your curves stylishly. If you have large round hips show women how to embrace them and not hide them.
I am a big believer in baby steps and I think this was Lucky Magazine taking baby steps. I’m also wondering could Lucky be turning over a new leaf since they have a new editor? Will there be more plus size looks to come in future issues or was this just one feature to pacify us?

Let me know your thoughts.

*Thanks to Madison Plus for the scanned picture


  1. >I agree. It is cool to see Maiysha in there, but we need more than Lane Bryant and Faith 21! There's so much to choose from that I feel they're not showing. Someone needs to do their research on indie plus designers!Usually when they do those "Dress for your Figure" pieces, it's masking someone's hips, thighs, belly instead of embracing. So I think that's a brilliant way of looking at styling for body types. Don't hide. Embrace! I'm with you on this movement!

  2. >i'm happy that lucky featured a plus sized model. they chose some cute looks. it's a step in the right direction. but while i hear you on wanting to see them showcase her curves more instead of downplaying them, i also know that that it their m.o. in general. if they show tricks to minimize hips for straight sized models, i wouldn't expect them to now want to showcase a plus-sized model's, especially since they probably don't know how or feel comfortable doing it. that's why we need to support magazines that feature plus-sized models embracing their curves. hopefully, the others will catch up. in the meantime, i'll give them an "A" for effort.

  3. >Good stuff for the in-betweenie reader.To the indie designer suggestion, it would be interesting to see them.But I think that the LBs, F21s, etc. of the world were used for the shoot because they are large enough and have enough money to potentially take out an advertisement in Lucky, not to mention Banana Republic, which is part of large, publicly traded Gap Inc.I think Jezebel did something about advertisers' influence on ladymag editorial content.

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