When I really sit and think about it, 2010 has flown by and so much has happened to and for me. Let’s recap.
The month of February marked the first time I had ever stepped foot into the tents at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. My first show was the Heart Truth Red Dress Collection. My fairy blog mother Kathryn (The Budget Fashionista) emailed me and said she was unable to make it and asked if I wanted to go. Uh, hell yeah! I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was so nervous because I didn’t know what to expect and most importantly what to wear. As luck would have it, I went to work that day looking a hot mess. It was freezing cold and we were just getting over a snow storm. I ran into the NY&CO by my job to find an outfit, but, it was not fashion week worthy. So, I kept my coat on the whole time and wore a really cute pink hat and threw on some makeup. I promised myself I would be prepared for the next show. The experience was amazing.
 Within that same week, I also went to the Lela Rose fashion show which was spectacular. The designs were so architectural and sophisticated. I also got to meet my dream hair stylist Ted Gibson who was super nice and thought me and my hair cut was adorable.

Later on in the year, I was featured on Glamour’s website as Stylish Reader of the day. I know you should never rely on any one’s approval of your personal style, but, I would be lying if I didn’t consider Glamour’s feature as a stamp of style approval. I sent my picture in telling them that curvy girls can wear horizontal stripes and I’m proving it.

A few months later I was featured in Plus Model Magazine and interviewed by the fabulous Maddy who I met at the Lane Bryant Blogger Conference.

Towards the end of the year I got to get my feet wet as a stylist thanks to Fashion to Figure and Plus Model Magazine.  I was blessed with the opportunity to hook up one lucky winner with a fabulous fashion to figure outfit. The experience was amazing and  I learned so much. It is a bigger challenge dressing someone other than yourself.

I am also truly thankful for being part of some amazing conferences like Lane Bryant, Just My Size, and Jessica London. I love that you all wanted to reach out to the plus size community to better your products. 
 I am very grateful for all the wonderful opportunities and experiences I’ve had as a blogger. Last and surely not least. To all of Stylish Curves readers. You will never know how much you mean to me. I think about you guys all the time whenever I am putting together a post. I think about how you will receive it and will it be helpful, informative, or interesting enough for you. I can only hope that I have accomplished this task and that you have enjoyed reading Stylish Curves for an entire year.



Today’s best of 2010 goes to the much needed plus size designers. 2010 brought out some of the best designs from our favorite plus size designers  like Monif C., Igigi, Anna Scholz, and Jibri. They gave sexy, cool, sophisticated, and edgy fashions to satisfy the ferocious appetites of plus size fashionista’s who have been wanting the same contemporary designs that we see from straight size designers. Consistently these designers brought great collections from Spring, Fall, and right into holiday. There was no limit to their creativity. Their designs showed that they had the plus size woman’s best interest at hand and their collections never disappointed.

In my opinion, every one of these designers gets my vote. However, SC wants to know which plus size designer knocked your fashion socks off in 2010.

The nominees for best plus size designer of the year are:

Monif C. for Monif C.

Anna Scholz for Anna Scholz
Jasmine Elder for Jibri

Yuliya Raquel for Igigi




2010 has been a great year for plus size fashion. Online retailers have stepped up their style game and started making and carrying clothes that were trendy, youthful, and fresh. Let SC know which of these 7 online retailers have you blown a paycheck on or have a closet full of their clothes.

Evans, ASOS Curve, Faith21Plus, Eshakti, Lucie Lu, Igigi, One Stop Plus