Hey curvy girls all over the world,
For many, Torrid is the go to place for trendy and contemporary plus size clothing. Well, now you can get your Torrid fix over at OneStopPlus’s online mall. The online retailer has teamed up with Torrid to bring of the moment fashion to a whole other market of plus size women.

Here’s what OSP’s President Stephanie Sobel had to say about the partnership:
“Torrid’s distinct take on catwalk to sidewalk brings OneStopPlus.com
another step closer to providing all things to all plus-size women,”  “As the largest

pureplay plus size retailer in the world, we are committed to providing a

broad portfolio of fashion options for our customers, as well as

opportunities for forward-thinking companies.”

A few months ago Lane Bryant partnered with the infamous DKNY brand by selling selective pieces in store an online. From what I hear the partnership is doing well. DKNY Plus is not accessible everywhere so in my opinion it was a great move for Lane Bryant. Since Torrid has its own online presence I’m curious to see how well this partnership does. I clicked around on the website and saw that they are selling the same items that Torrid has on their website. I think it would be great if Torrid offered exclusive items on OSP and if they did outfit combos that included Torrid and other OSP brands. What this partnership will offer is OSP’s customer base Torrid’s young and trendy aesthetic.

We think it’s a good look for OneStopPlus.com. Checkout the site HERE

What do you guys think about OneStopPlus teaming up with Torrid? Sound Off!


  1. >Hi Alissa honey! I love your blog! Anyway, I'm so glad that Torrid is partnering with OneStopPlus. OSP really impressed me with the runway show at Fashion Week and the new partnership is impressive too. I've actually liked OneStopPlus for quite some time. They are not know for having "stunnas" that you can wear for a night out but they have good decent clothes that i can wear to work everyday. One thing I will absolutely love about the new partnership is that usually you have to "catch" torrid's clearance as they only offer it once in a while but usually when OneStopPlus puts things on clearance they stay there until they are all gone. Hopefully they will do that with the Torrid items as well.

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