This year was one of the best birthday’s I’ve had in my 29 years on this earth. On my actual b’day  was the 11th. I was picked up by a luxury car service and wisked off to the Fashion to Figure store at Kingz Plaza Mall in Brooklyn to meet the FTF rock your fashion inspiration makeover winner to do her photo shoot with Plus Model Magazine Editor Maddy. The FTF team was so nice and sweet that they bought the winner and myself a Cinnabon cake to celebrate both of our birthday’s. After the 4 hour shoot was over I headed to the nail salon to get some much needed pampering and got a mani, pedi, and a back massage.
I met up with one of my close college friends who treated me to a yummy Thai dinner at Cafetasia on West 8th street in NYC. On Friday night, I headed over to the Redress Indie plus fashion show to checkout some of the designers. I was truly excited to finally meet the famous Sharon Quinn who was super nice and let me take a picture with her. On Saturday, I spent the entire day shopping and getting myself ready for my b’day dinner. It was nice to have an entire weekend to myself to do what I wanted. I work very hard and I was just happy to get much needed rest and pampering.
Checkout some of my b’day dinner pics with family and friends (more pics on FB)

This is one of my college homies T. who just cut off her hair and I think she just looks fabulous. I sometimes like to call her my blog editor because she definitely lets me know when I give good posts or when I should have just never posted about something at all.

This is my HS BFF we go back over 10 years and my new friend that I’m courting 🙂 fellow blogger Danielle from Rhapsody.
This me and another college homie.We share the same dream career and she is dope with makeup.
Dope stylist Steffany and Jeanette of the blog Netta P. stopped by along with Danielle from the BGU fashion show just to hang out with me on my b’day.

It was truly a good fun filled night with drinks and food. I was extremely happy.
Oh, and I wore the pink lipstick from mac (girl around town) I tweeted about a few weeks ago. I thought it worked out well.


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