When it comes to being plus size their is alot of speculation as to what should be considered plus size especially when it comes to plus size models. Well, Editor Madeline Figueroa of Plus Model Magazine has decided to put the speculation to rest by creating a survey that will help the fashion industry understand how plus size women feel about size and what they want to see as representation. Plus Model Magazine’s goal  is to get 1,000 women to take the survey by November 29th.

Here’s what Madeline had to say about the survey:
“The reason for this survey, is for PMM to know and to share with our clients, what our customers, fans and readers have to say about the way they feel about themselves and the way they are marketed to.

It seems like every conversation I have with a model, retailer, designer or agent, the topic of “size” always seems to come up.

Ten years ago, plus size models were curvy size 12′s through 18′s and coveted magazine covers, national campaigns and advertisements. In recent years we have seen a drastic change in the size of the plus size model. Plus size models are no longer “plus size”, and as Crystal Renn explains it, they are now PLUS what the size of straight size models are in the straight size industry. We seem to be asking for the main stream industry to include plus size models as REAL WOMEN, but “real women” also include size 16, 18 and 20′s, but only the smaller models are being considered as models.”

Please let your voice be heard by taking this survey. We have come a long way in the plus community but htere is always more room for growth. This survey could help change the minds of advertisers, modeling agencies, and designers  to creat better representation of the plus size woman.

You can take the survey HERE

For more information checkout Plus Model Magazine


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